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Custom security templates for Silverstripe 3 to blend in with CMS
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SilverStripe Security Templates

Standalone templates for SilverStripe 3.x login and password reset pages, designed to mirror the design of the CMS.

By Colin Richardson & Loz Calver - Bigfork Ltd.

Composer Installation:

Add this to your composer.json requirements: "feejin/silverstripe-securitytemplates": "^1.0"

Manual Installation

Download and unzip, rename folder to securitytemplates and drop it into your SilverStripe root directory, run http://yoursite.url/dev/build and you're done.


  • You can change colours with SCSS variables in /scss/login.scss.
  • Replace logo.png in /images/ with your own if you wish. Max size is 24 x 24.
  • Replacing the logo will also change the admin logo, comment out the "LeftAndMain::require" part of _config.php if you don't want this to happen
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