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Added silentarmy kernel. Added ability to run multiple threads per device (OpenCL).

EDIT: Removed OpenCL.dll. If you need this file to run the miner, just search your PC to find it somewhere and copy in.

You can use it with coinmine similar to this example:

nheqminer -l -u feeleep.1 -p x

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Here is a windows version of nicehash miner with GPU CUDA support and CPU Xenoncat optimizations. You can use it with:

nheqminer -u your_worker_name -p your_worker_password

Until nicehash release sources coinmine pool is hardcoded as well (I cannot change this - sorry)

From nicehash readme:

some fixes
Run with "-h" parameter to learn possible commands. By default, miner uses all CPU cores and no CUDA devices. You need to explicitly enable CUDA devices (setting "-cd" parameter). If you wish to mine only with CUDA and no CPU, set "-t 0".

Miner auto detects CPU extensions (SSE2, AVX1 or AVX2) and uses appropriate miner.

Number of blocks and threads per block have been tested on Maxwell and Pascal cards and seems to be the best left at default. If you have older cards, you may experiment with these values (parameters "-cb" and "-ct") to reach higher speeds.

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This release supports:

  • very fast CPU implementation (up to 40 Sol/s on i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz), based on xenoncat solvers
  • support for NVIDIA GPUs, based on Tromp solvers
  • (beta) support for AMD GPUs, based on Tromp solvers, ported by eXtremal to OpenCL

Available locations (without specifying any location system automatically takes nearest location):

  • eu - Europe based server pool
  • us - US based server pool
  • as - Asia based server pool

Usage examples:

  • CPU nheqminer.exe -u feeleep.1 -p x -t 6
  • CUDA nheqminer.exe -u feeleep.1 -p x -cd 0
  • AMD + CPU nheqminer.exe -u feeleep.1 -p x -t 6 -od 0 1
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Here is a modified nicehash windows miner which allows to change server.

You can use it with:

nheqminer -l -u worker.1 -p x -t 4