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fbb1e78 @feeley Replace gsc-boot.c by shell scripts to avoid problems when cross-comp…
1 #! /bin/sh
3 # Copyright (c) 2012 by Marc Feeley, All Rights Reserved.
5 # Due to the meta-circular nature of the system, an executable
6 # version of the Gambit compiler (gsc-boot) is necessary to compile
7 # the .scm source files that are part of the Gambit runtime library
8 # into .c files. The Gambit git repository contains precompiled
9 # versions of these files. When Gambit is initially built, it is
10 # necessary to avoid generating these .c files (since an executable
11 # Gambit compiler is not yet available to generate them). This
12 # circular dependence is resolved by using a dummy gsc-boot script
13 # which does not touch the .c files obtained from the repository.
15 # echo "***DUMMY*** compilation (this is normal when bootstrapping)"
17 exit 0
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