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;;; File: "_codegen.scm"
;;; Copyright (c) 2010-2012 by Marc Feeley, All Rights Reserved.
;;; This module implements the code generation infrastructure.
(namespace ("_codegen#") ("" include))
(include "~~lib/gambit#.scm")
(include "_asm#.scm")
(include "_codegen#.scm")
(define (make-codegen-context)
(let ((cgc (make-vector (+ (asm-code-block-size) 6) 'codegen-context)))
(codegen-context-listing-format-set! cgc #f)
(codegen-context-arch-set! cgc #f)
(codegen-context-target-set! cgc #f)
(codegen-context-frame-size-set! cgc #f)
(codegen-context-fixup-list-set! cgc '())
(codegen-context-nargs-set! cgc 0)
(define (codegen-context-listing-format cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 0)))
(define (codegen-context-listing-format-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 0) x))
(define (codegen-context-arch cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 1)))
(define (codegen-context-arch-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 1) x))
(define (codegen-context-fixup-list cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 2)))
(define (codegen-context-fixup-list-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 2) x))
(define (codegen-context-target cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 3)))
(define (codegen-context-target-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 3) x))
(define (codegen-context-frame-size cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 4)))
(define (codegen-context-frame-size-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 4) x))
(define (codegen-context-nargs cgc)
(vector-ref cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 5)))
(define (codegen-context-nargs-set! cgc x)
(vector-set! cgc (+ (asm-code-block-size) 5) x))
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