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#! /usr/bin/env gsi
;;; File: "runtests.scm"
;;; Copyright (c) 2012 by Marc Feeley, All Rights Reserved.
(define nb-tests 0)
(define failed-tests 0)
(define (run path . args)
(let* ((port
(open-process (list path: path
arguments: args
;; stderr-redirection: #t
(read-line port #f))
(process-status port)))
(close-port port)
(cons status output)))
(define (test file)
(print "****************************************** " file)
(let ((results (test-with-each-target file))
(diff? #f))
(lambda (x)
(let ((target (car x))
(result (cdr x)))
;;(pp result)
;;(pp (cdar results))
(if (not (equal? result (cdar results)))
(if (not diff?)
(print " (FAILED)\n======================= EXPECTED:\n" (cdr (cdar results))))
(set! diff? #t)
(print "======================= " (car target) ":\n" (cdr result))))))
(cdr results))
(set! nb-tests (+ nb-tests 1))
(if diff?
(set! failed-tests (+ failed-tests 1))
(print " (OK)\n"))))
(define (test-with-each-target file)
(map (lambda (t)
(let ((target (car t))
(ext (cadr t)))
(cons t
(if ext
(let ((out (string-append (path-strip-extension file) ext)))
(if (not (equal? target "gambit"))
(compile file target))
(let ((result (apply run (append (cddr t) (list out)))))
(if (not (equal? target "gambit"))
(delete-file out))
(apply run (append (cddr t) (list file)))))))
(keep (lambda (t)
(member (car t) (cons "gambit" back-ends)))
(define (compile file target)
(let ((x
(if (equal? target "c")
(run "./gsc" "-:=.." file)
(run "./gsc" "-:=.." "-c" "-target" target file))))
(if (not (= (car x) 0))
(error "couldn't compile" file target))))
(define targets
("gambit" ".scm" "./gsc" "-i")
("c" ".o1" "./gsc" "-i")
("x86" #f "./gsc32" "-:=.." "-target" "nat" "-c" "-e" "(load \"_t-x86.scm\")")
("x86-64" #f "./gsc64" "-:=.." "-target" "nat" "-c" "-e" "(load \"_t-x86.scm\")")
("js" ".js" "d8")
("python" ".py" "python")
("ruby" ".rb" "ruby")
(define (runtest-file file)
(if (equal? (path-extension file) ".scm")
(test file)))
(define (runtest-dir dir)
(lambda (x)
(runtest (path-expand x dir)))
(directory-files dir)))
(define (runtest file-or-dir)
(if (eq? (file-type file-or-dir) 'directory)
(runtest-dir file-or-dir)
(runtest-file file-or-dir)))
(define (keep keep? lst)
(cond ((null? lst) '())
((keep? (car lst)) (cons (car lst) (keep keep? (cdr lst))))
(else (keep keep? (cdr lst)))))
(define back-ends '())
(define (main . args)
(let loop ()
(if (and (pair? args)
(> (string-length (car args)) 1)
(char=? #\- (string-ref (car args) 0)))
(set! back-ends
(cons (substring (car args) 1 (string-length (car args)))
(set! args (cdr args))
(if (null? args)
(set! args '("tests")))
(if (null? back-ends)
(set! back-ends (map car targets)))
(for-each runtest args)
(if (> failed-tests 0)
(print failed-tests " failed tests out of " nb-tests " tests.\n")
(print "all " nb-tests " tests passed.\n")))
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