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#! /bin/sh
":";if test "`basename $0`" == "igsc.scm" ; then exec /usr/bin/env gsi -:dar,=`dirname $0`/.. -f $0 $*; else exec /usr/bin/env gsi -:dar,=`dirname $0` -f $0 $*; fi
;;; File: "igsc.scm"
;;; Copyright (c) 1994-2016 by Marc Feeley, All Rights Reserved.
;; This is a drop-in replacement for gsc-boot, which is the Gambit
;; Scheme compiler used to compile the Gambit system. It has the
;; advantage of executing the whole compiler with all type checking
;; turned on, which is useful to debug the compiler. Also, it only
;; requires a working Gambit interpreter (gsi), preferably a recent
;; version.
;; To bootstrap Gambit using igsc.scm, from the root directory do:
;; cp gsc/igsc.scm gsc-boot
;; make bootclean
;; make
(define-macro (at-expansion-time expr) (eval expr) '(begin))
(at-expansion-time (define ##compilation-options '()))
(define-macro (set-root-dir)
(let* ((script-path (path-normalize (car ##processed-command-line)))
(dir (path-directory script-path)))
(if (equal? (path-strip-directory script-path) "igsc.scm")
(include "fixnum.scm")
(define root ,(path-directory
(path-strip-trailing-directory-separator dir))))
(include "gsc/fixnum.scm")
(define root ,dir)))))
(include "~~/gsc/fixnum.scm")
;; use custom absent object otherwise the interpreter gets confused
(define c#absent-object (string->symbol "#<absent>")) ;; (##type-cast -6 2)
;; remove runtime options if any
(let* ((cl ##processed-command-line)
(args (cdr cl)))
(if (and (pair? args)
(string? (car args))
(>= (string-length (car args)) 2)
(string=? (substring (car args) 0 2) "-:"))
(set! ##processed-command-line (cons (car cl) (cdr args)))))
;; normalize program name
(set! ##processed-command-line
(cons (path-normalize (car ##processed-command-line))
(cdr ##processed-command-line)))
(define gsc-modules '(
(define (load-from-root dir)
(lambda (base)
(lambda ()
(let ((file (string-append "~~/" dir base ".scm")))
(display "loading ")
(write file)
(load file)
((load-from-root "gsc/") "_host")
(set! **main-readtable
(and **main-readtable
(##list->vector (##vector->list **main-readtable))))
(for-each (load-from-root "gsc/") gsc-modules)
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