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Merge pull request #6 from m-i-k-a-e-l/master

Implemented |##device-port-wait-for-output!| in lib/_io.scm as a complement to |##device-port-wait-for-input!| defined in the same file.
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commit db57d0ee296e6ae222a568b1ac0f62212a33fc53 2 parents be9c067 + 2a456b4
@feeley authored
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  1. +28 −0 lib/_io.scm
28 lib/_io.scm
@@ -1802,6 +1802,34 @@
(macro-device-port-rdevice-condvar port)
(macro-port-rtimeout port)))
+(define-prim (##device-port-wait-for-output! port)
+ ;; Complement to ##device-port-wait-for-input! .
+ ;; The thread will wait until the port's device is writeable in the
+ ;; sense that more data can be written to it, or the port's timeout
+ ;; is reached. The value #f is returned when the timeout is reached.
+ ;; The value #t is returned when the port's device is writeable or
+ ;; the thread was interrupted (for example with thread-interrupt!).
+ ;; An example of when a port is not writeable is when a TCP client
+ ;; port has full OS transmit buffers. For such a port, a
+ ;; ##device-port-wait-for-output! on it will return when space has
+ ;; become available in the buffers.
+ ;;
+ ;; Additionally, waiting for writability on a TCP client port is a way
+ ;; to ensure that the connection has been established at all in the
+ ;; first place. This may be of relevance to determine in some lowlevel
+ ;; use scenarios, as Gambit does TCP connect:s asynchronously in such
+ ;; a way that open-tcp-client returns the TCP client port object
+ ;; actually prior to the connection having been established.
+ (##declare (not interrupts-enabled))
+ (##wait-for-io!
+ (macro-device-port-wdevice-condvar port)
+ (macro-port-wtimeout port)))
(define-prim (##char-rbuf-fill port want block?)

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