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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Cascading Style Sheets
" Maintainer: Claudio Fleiner <>
" URL:
" Last Change: 2007 Nov 06
" CSS2 by Nikolai Weibull
" Full CSS2, HTML4 support by Yeti
" 把bg换成6位的十六进制代码
"if exists("css_color_preview_loaded")
" finish
"let css_color_preview_loaded = 1
function! s:FGforBG(bg)
" takes a 6hex color code and returns a matching color that is visible
" substitute 删除开头的#
let pure = substitute(a:bg,'^#','','')
" 按位取出RGB
let r = eval('0x'.pure[0].pure[1])
let g = eval('0x'.pure[2].pure[3])
let b = eval('0x'.pure[4].pure[5])
if r*30 + g*59 + b*11 > 12000
return '#000000'
return '#ffffff'
function! s:SetMatcher(clr,pat)
let group = 'cssColor'.substitute(a:clr,'^#','','')
" Redirect messages to a variable
redir => s:currentmatch
silent! exe 'syn list '.group
" End redirecting messages
redir END
" !~ regexp doesn't match
if s:currentmatch !~ a:pat.'\/'
exe 'syn match '.group.' /'.a:pat.'\>/ contained'
exe 'syn cluster cssColors add='.group
if has('gui_running')
exe 'hi '.group.' guifg='.s:FGforBG(a:clr)
exe 'hi '.group.' guibg='.a:clr
elseif &t_Co == 256
exe 'hi '.group.' ctermfg='.s:Rgb2xterm(s:FGforBG(a:clr))
exe 'hi '.group.' ctermbg='.s:Rgb2xterm(a:clr)
return 1
return 0
"" the 6 value iterations in the xterm color cube
let s:valuerange = [ 0x00, 0x5F, 0x87, 0xAF, 0xD7, 0xFF ]
"" 16 basic colors
let s:basic16 = [ [ 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 ], [ 0xCD, 0x00, 0x00 ], [ 0x00, 0xCD, 0x00 ], [ 0xCD, 0xCD, 0x00 ], [ 0x00, 0x00, 0xEE ], [ 0xCD, 0x00, 0xCD ], [ 0x00, 0xCD, 0xCD ], [ 0xE5, 0xE5, 0xE5 ], [ 0x7F, 0x7F, 0x7F ], [ 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00 ], [ 0x00, 0xFF, 0x00 ], [ 0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00 ], [ 0x5C, 0x5C, 0xFF ], [ 0xFF, 0x00, 0xFF ], [ 0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF ], [ 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF ] ]
function! s:Xterm2rgb(color)
" 16 basic colors
let r=0
let g=0
let b=0
if a:color<16
let r = s:basic16[a:color][0]
let g = s:basic16[a:color][1]
let b = s:basic16[a:color][2]
" color cube color
if a:color>=16 && a:color<=232
let color=a:color-16
let r = s:valuerange[(color/36)%6]
let g = s:valuerange[(color/6)%6]
let b = s:valuerange[color%6]
" gray tone
if a:color>=233 && a:color<=253
let r=8+(a:color-232)*0x0a
let g=r
let b=r
let rgb=[r,g,b]
return rgb
function! s:pow(x, n)
let x = a:x
for i in range(a:n-1)
let x = x*a:x
return x
let s:colortable=[]
for c in range(0, 254)
let color = s:Xterm2rgb(c)
call add(s:colortable, color)
" selects the nearest xterm color for a rgb value like #FF0000
function! s:Rgb2xterm(color)
let best_match=0
let smallest_distance = 10000000000
let r = eval('0x'.a:color[1].a:color[2])
let g = eval('0x'.a:color[3].a:color[4])
let b = eval('0x'.a:color[5].a:color[6])
for c in range(0,254)
let d = s:pow(s:colortable[c][0]-r,2) + s:pow(s:colortable[c][1]-g,2) + s:pow(s:colortable[c][2]-b,2)
if d<smallest_distance
let smallest_distance = d
let best_match = c
return best_match
function! s:SetNamedColor(clr,name)
let group = 'cssColor'.substitute(a:clr,'^#','','')
exe 'syn keyword '.group.' '.a:name.' contained'
exe 'syn cluster cssColors add='.group
if has('gui_running')
exe 'hi '.group.' guifg='.s:FGforBG(a:clr)
exe 'hi '.group.' guibg='.a:clr
elseif &t_Co == 256
exe 'hi '.group.' ctermfg='.s:Rgb2xterm(s:FGforBG(a:clr))
exe 'hi '.group.' ctermbg='.s:Rgb2xterm(a:clr)
return 23
function! s:PreviewCSSColorInLine(where)
" TODO use cssColor matchdata
let foundcolor = matchstr( getline(a:where), '#[0-9A-Fa-f]\{3,6\}\>' )
let color = ''
if foundcolor != ''
if foundcolor =~ '#\x\{6}$'
let color = foundcolor
elseif foundcolor =~ '#\x\{3}$'
let color = substitute(foundcolor, '\(\x\)\(\x\)\(\x\)', '\1\1\2\2\3\3', '')
let color = ''
if color != ''
return s:SetMatcher(color,foundcolor)
return 0
return 0
" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if !exists("main_syntax")
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
let main_syntax = 'css'
syn case ignore
syn keyword cssTagName abbr acronym address applet area a b base
syn keyword cssTagName basefont bdo big blockquote body br button
syn keyword cssTagName caption center cite code col colgroup dd del
syn keyword cssTagName dfn dir div dl dt em fieldset font form frame
syn keyword cssTagName frameset h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 head hr html img i
syn keyword cssTagName iframe img input ins isindex kbd label legend li
syn keyword cssTagName link map menu meta noframes noscript ol optgroup
syn keyword cssTagName option p param pre q s samp script select small
syn keyword cssTagName span strike strong style sub sup tbody td
syn keyword cssTagName textarea tfoot th thead title tr tt ul u var
syn match cssTagName "\<table\>"
syn match cssTagName "\*"
syn match cssTagName "@page\>" nextgroup=cssDefinition
syn match cssSelectorOp "[+>.]"
syn match cssSelectorOp2 "[~|]\?=" contained
syn region cssAttributeSelector matchgroup=cssSelectorOp start="\[" end="]" transparent contains=cssUnicodeEscape,cssSelectorOp2,cssStringQ,cssStringQQ
syn match cssIdentifier "#[A-Za-z-_@][A-Za-z-0-9_@-]*"
catch /^.*/
syn match cssIdentifier "#[A-Za-z_@][A-Za-z0-9_@-]*"
syn match cssMedia "@media\>" nextgroup=cssMediaType skipwhite skipnl
syn keyword cssMediaType contained screen print aural braile embosed handheld projection ty tv all nextgroup=cssMediaComma,cssMediaBlock skipwhite skipnl
syn match cssMediaComma "," nextgroup=cssMediaType skipwhite skipnl
syn region cssMediaBlock transparent matchgroup=cssBraces start='{' end='}' contains=cssTagName,cssError,cssComment,cssDefinition,cssURL,cssUnicodeEscape,cssIdentifier
syn match cssValueInteger contained "[-+]\=\d\+"
syn match cssValueNumber contained "[-+]\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\="
syn match cssValueLength contained "[-+]\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=\(%\|mm\|cm\|in\|pt\|pc\|em\|ex\|px\)"
syn match cssValueAngle contained "[-+]\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=\(deg\|grad\|rad\)"
syn match cssValueTime contained "+\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=\(ms\|s\)"
syn match cssValueFrequency contained "+\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=\(Hz\|kHz\)"
syn match cssFontDescriptor "@font-face\>" nextgroup=cssFontDescriptorBlock skipwhite skipnl
syn region cssFontDescriptorBlock contained transparent matchgroup=cssBraces start="{" end="}" contains=cssComment,cssError,cssUnicodeEscape,cssFontProp,cssFontAttr,cssCommonAttr,cssStringQ,cssStringQQ,cssFontDescriptorProp,cssValue.*,cssFontDescriptorFunction,cssUnicodeRange,cssFontDescriptorAttr
syn match cssFontDescriptorProp contained "\<\(unicode-range\|unit-per-em\|panose-1\|cap-height\|x-height\|definition-src\)\>"
syn keyword cssFontDescriptorProp contained src stemv stemh slope ascent descent widths bbox baseline centerline mathline topline
syn keyword cssFontDescriptorAttr contained all
syn region cssFontDescriptorFunction contained matchgroup=cssFunctionName start="\<\(uri\|url\|local\|format\)\s*(" end=")" contains=cssStringQ,cssStringQQ oneline keepend
syn match cssUnicodeRange contained "U+[0-9A-Fa-f?]\+"
syn match cssUnicodeRange contained "U+\x\+-\x\+"
syn keyword cssColor contained aqua black blue fuchsia gray green lime maroon navy olive purple red silver teal yellow
" FIXME: These are actually case-insentivie too, but (a) specs recommend using
" mixed-case (b) it's hard to highlight the word `Background' correctly in
" all situations
syn case match
syn keyword cssColor contained ActiveBorder ActiveCaption AppWorkspace ButtonFace ButtonHighlight ButtonShadow ButtonText CaptionText GrayText Highlight HighlightText InactiveBorder InactiveCaption InactiveCaptionText InfoBackground InfoText Menu MenuText Scrollbar ThreeDDarkShadow ThreeDFace ThreeDHighlight ThreeDLightShadow ThreeDShadow Window WindowFrame WindowText Background
syn case ignore
syn match cssColor contained "\<transparent\>"
syn match cssColor contained "\<white\>"
syn match cssColor contained "#[0-9A-Fa-f]\{3\}\>"
syn match cssColor contained "#[0-9A-Fa-f]\{6\}\>"
"syn match cssColor contained "\<rgb\s*(\s*\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=%\=\s*,\s*\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=%\=\s*,\s*\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=%\=\s*)"
syn region cssURL contained matchgroup=cssFunctionName start="\<url\s*(" end=")" oneline keepend
syn region cssFunction contained matchgroup=cssFunctionName start="\<\(rgb\|clip\|attr\|counter\|rect\)\s*(" end=")" oneline keepend
syn match cssImportant contained "!\s*important\>"
syn keyword cssCommonAttr contained auto none inherit
syn keyword cssCommonAttr contained top bottom
syn keyword cssCommonAttr contained medium normal
syn match cssFontProp contained "\<font\>\(-\(family\|style\|variant\|weight\|size\(-adjust\)\=\|stretch\)\>\)\="
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<\(sans-\)\=\<serif\>"
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<small\>\(-\(caps\|caption\)\>\)\="
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<x\{1,2\}-\(large\|small\)\>"
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<message-box\>"
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<status-bar\>"
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<\(\(ultra\|extra\|semi\|status-bar\)-\)\=\(condensed\|expanded\)\>"
syn keyword cssFontAttr contained cursive fantasy monospace italic oblique
syn keyword cssFontAttr contained bold bolder lighter larger smaller
syn keyword cssFontAttr contained icon menu
syn match cssFontAttr contained "\<caption\>"
syn keyword cssFontAttr contained large smaller larger
syn keyword cssFontAttr contained narrower wider
syn keyword cssColorProp contained color
syn match cssColorProp contained "\<background\(-\(color\|image\|attachment\|position\)\)\="
syn keyword cssColorAttr contained center scroll fixed
syn match cssColorAttr contained "\<repeat\(-[xy]\)\=\>"
syn match cssColorAttr contained "\<no-repeat\>"
syn match cssTextProp "\<\(\(word\|letter\)-spacing\|text\(-\(decoration\|transform\|align\|index\|shadow\)\)\=\|vertical-align\|unicode-bidi\|line-height\)\>"
syn match cssTextAttr contained "\<line-through\>"
syn match cssTextAttr contained "\<text-indent\>"
syn match cssTextAttr contained "\<\(text-\)\=\(top\|bottom\)\>"
syn keyword cssTextAttr contained underline overline blink sub super middle
syn keyword cssTextAttr contained capitalize uppercase lowercase center justify baseline sub super
syn match cssBoxProp contained "\<\(margin\|padding\|border\)\(-\(top\|right\|bottom\|left\)\)\=\>"
syn match cssBoxProp contained "\<border-\(\(\(top\|right\|bottom\|left\)-\)\=\(width\|color\|style\)\)\=\>"
syn match cssBoxProp contained "\<\(width\|z-index\)\>"
syn match cssBoxProp contained "\<\(min\|max\)-\(width\|height\)\>"
syn keyword cssBoxProp contained width height float clear overflow clip visibility
syn keyword cssBoxAttr contained thin thick both
syn keyword cssBoxAttr contained dotted dashed solid double groove ridge inset outset
syn keyword cssBoxAttr contained hidden visible scroll collapse
syn keyword cssGeneratedContentProp contained content quotes
syn match cssGeneratedContentProp contained "\<counter-\(reset\|increment\)\>"
syn match cssGeneratedContentProp contained "\<list-style\(-\(type\|position\|image\)\)\=\>"
syn match cssGeneratedContentAttr contained "\<\(no-\)\=\(open\|close\)-quote\>"
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<lower\>"
syn match cssGeneratedContentAttr contained "\<\(lower\|upper\)-\(roman\|alpha\|greek\|latin\)\>"
syn match cssGeneratedContentAttr contained "\<\(hiragana\|katakana\)\(-iroha\)\=\>"
syn match cssGeneratedContentAttr contained "\<\(decimal\(-leading-zero\)\=\|cjk-ideographic\)\>"
syn keyword cssGeneratedContentAttr contained disc circle square hebrew armenian georgian
syn keyword cssGeneratedContentAttr contained inside outside
syn match cssPagingProp contained "\<page\(-break-\(before\|after\|inside\)\)\=\>"
syn keyword cssPagingProp contained size marks inside orphans widows
syn keyword cssPagingAttr contained landscape portrait crop cross always avoid
syn keyword cssUIProp contained cursor
syn match cssUIProp contained "\<outline\(-\(width\|style\|color\)\)\=\>"
syn match cssUIAttr contained "\<[ns]\=[ew]\=-resize\>"
syn keyword cssUIAttr contained default crosshair pointer move wait help
syn keyword cssUIAttr contained thin thick
syn keyword cssUIAttr contained dotted dashed solid double groove ridge inset outset
syn keyword cssUIAttr contained invert
syn match cssRenderAttr contained "\<marker\>"
syn match cssRenderProp contained "\<\(display\|marker-offset\|unicode-bidi\|white-space\|list-item\|run-in\|inline-table\)\>"
syn keyword cssRenderProp contained position top bottom direction
syn match cssRenderProp contained "\<\(left\|right\)\>"
syn keyword cssRenderAttr contained block inline compact
syn match cssRenderAttr contained "\<table\(-\(row-gorup\|\(header\|footer\)-group\|row\|column\(-group\)\=\|cell\|caption\)\)\=\>"
syn keyword cssRenderAttr contained static relative absolute fixed
syn keyword cssRenderAttr contained ltr rtl embed bidi-override pre nowrap
syn match cssRenderAttr contained "\<bidi-override\>"
syn match cssAuralProp contained "\<\(pause\|cue\)\(-\(before\|after\)\)\=\>"
syn match cssAuralProp contained "\<\(play-during\|speech-rate\|voice-family\|pitch\(-range\)\=\|speak\(-\(punctuation\|numerals\)\)\=\)\>"
syn keyword cssAuralProp contained volume during azimuth elevation stress richness
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<\(x-\)\=\(soft\|loud\)\>"
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained silent
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<spell-out\>"
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained non mix
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<\(left\|right\)-side\>"
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<\(far\|center\)-\(left\|center\|right\)\>"
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained leftwards rightwards behind
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained below level above higher
syn match cssAuralAttr contained "\<\(x-\)\=\(slow\|fast\)\>"
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained faster slower
syn keyword cssAuralAttr contained male female child code digits continuous
syn match cssTableProp contained "\<\(caption-side\|table-layout\|border-collapse\|border-spacing\|empty-cells\|speak-header\)\>"
syn keyword cssTableAttr contained fixed collapse separate show hide once always
" FIXME: This allows cssMediaBlock before the semicolon, which is wrong.
syn region cssInclude start="@import" end=";" contains=cssComment,cssURL,cssUnicodeEscape,cssMediaType
syn match cssBraces contained "[{}]"
syn match cssError contained "{@<>"
syn region cssDefinition transparent matchgroup=cssBraces start='{' end='}' contains=css.*Attr,css.*Prop,cssComment,cssValue.*,cssColor,cssURL,cssImportant,cssError,cssStringQ,cssStringQQ,cssFunction,cssUnicodeEscape
syn match cssBraceError "}"
syn match cssPseudoClass ":\S*" contains=cssPseudoClassId,cssUnicodeEscape
syn keyword cssPseudoClassId contained link visited active hover focus before after left right
syn match cssPseudoClassId contained "\<first\(-\(line\|letter\|child\)\)\=\>"
syn region cssPseudoClassLang matchgroup=cssPseudoClassId start=":lang(" end=")" oneline
syn region cssComment start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=@Spell
syn match cssUnicodeEscape "\\\x\{1,6}\s\?"
syn match cssSpecialCharQQ +\\"+ contained
syn match cssSpecialCharQ +\\'+ contained
syn region cssStringQQ start=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ contains=cssUnicodeEscape,cssSpecialCharQQ
syn region cssStringQ start=+'+ skip=+\\\\\|\\'+ end=+'+ contains=cssUnicodeEscape,cssSpecialCharQ
syn match cssClassName "\.[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9_-]\+"
if main_syntax == "css"
syn sync minlines=10
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_css_syn_inits")
if version < 508
let did_css_syn_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink cssComment Comment
HiLink cssTagName Statement
HiLink cssSelectorOp Special
HiLink cssSelectorOp2 Special
HiLink cssFontProp StorageClass
HiLink cssColorProp StorageClass
HiLink cssTextProp StorageClass
HiLink cssBoxProp StorageClass
HiLink cssRenderProp StorageClass
HiLink cssAuralProp StorageClass
HiLink cssRenderProp StorageClass
HiLink cssGeneratedContentProp StorageClass
HiLink cssPagingProp StorageClass
HiLink cssTableProp StorageClass
HiLink cssUIProp StorageClass
HiLink cssFontAttr Type
HiLink cssColorAttr Type
HiLink cssTextAttr Type
HiLink cssBoxAttr Type
HiLink cssRenderAttr Type
HiLink cssAuralAttr Type
HiLink cssGeneratedContentAttr Type
HiLink cssPagingAttr Type
HiLink cssTableAttr Type
HiLink cssUIAttr Type
HiLink cssCommonAttr Type
HiLink cssPseudoClassId PreProc
HiLink cssPseudoClassLang Constant
HiLink cssValueLength Number
HiLink cssValueInteger Number
HiLink cssValueNumber Number
HiLink cssValueAngle Number
HiLink cssValueTime Number
HiLink cssValueFrequency Number
HiLink cssFunction Constant
HiLink cssURL String
HiLink cssFunctionName Function
HiLink cssColor Constant
HiLink cssIdentifier Function
HiLink cssInclude Include
HiLink cssImportant Special
HiLink cssBraces Function
HiLink cssBraceError Error
HiLink cssError Error
HiLink cssInclude Include
HiLink cssUnicodeEscape Special
HiLink cssStringQQ String
HiLink cssStringQ String
HiLink cssMedia Special
HiLink cssMediaType Special
HiLink cssMediaComma Normal
HiLink cssFontDescriptor Special
HiLink cssFontDescriptorFunction Constant
HiLink cssFontDescriptorProp StorageClass
HiLink cssFontDescriptorAttr Type
HiLink cssUnicodeRange Constant
HiLink cssClassName Function
delcommand HiLink
" 我们的要求是必须在256色下,所以要设置:set t_Co=256
if has("gui_running") || &t_Co==256
" HACK modify cssDefinition to add @cssColors to its contains
redir => s:olddef
silent! syn list cssDefinition
redir END
if s:olddef != ''
let s:b = strridx(s:olddef,'matchgroup')
if s:b != -1
exe 'syn region cssDefinition '.strpart(s:olddef,s:b).',@cssColors'
" w3c Colors
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#800000', 'maroon')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ff0000', 'red')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ffA500', 'orange')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ffff00', 'yellow')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#808000', 'olive')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#800080', 'purple')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ff00ff', 'fuchsia')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ffffff', 'white')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00ff00', 'lime')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#008000', 'green')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#000080', 'navy')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#0000ff', 'blue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00ffff', 'aqua')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#008080', 'teal')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#000000', 'black')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#c0c0c0', 'silver')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#808080', 'gray')
" extra colors
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F0F8FF','AliceBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FAEBD7','AntiqueWhite')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#7FFFD4','Aquamarine')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F0FFFF','Azure')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F5F5DC','Beige')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFE4C4','Bisque')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFEBCD','BlanchedAlmond')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#8A2BE2','BlueViolet')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#A52A2A','Brown')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DEB887','BurlyWood')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#5F9EA0','CadetBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#7FFF00','Chartreuse')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D2691E','Chocolate')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF7F50','Coral')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#6495ED','CornflowerBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFF8DC','Cornsilk')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DC143C','Crimson')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00FFFF','Cyan')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00008B','DarkBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#008B8B','DarkCyan')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#B8860B','DarkGoldenRod')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#A9A9A9','DarkGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#A9A9A9','DarkGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#006400','DarkGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#BDB76B','DarkKhaki')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#8B008B','DarkMagenta')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#556B2F','DarkOliveGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF8C00','Darkorange')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#9932CC','DarkOrchid')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#8B0000','DarkRed')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#E9967A','DarkSalmon')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#8FBC8F','DarkSeaGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#483D8B','DarkSlateBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#2F4F4F','DarkSlateGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#2F4F4F','DarkSlateGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00CED1','DarkTurquoise')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#9400D3','DarkViolet')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF1493','DeepPink')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00BFFF','DeepSkyBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#696969','DimGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#696969','DimGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#1E90FF','DodgerBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#B22222','FireBrick')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFFAF0','FloralWhite')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#228B22','ForestGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DCDCDC','Gainsboro')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F8F8FF','GhostWhite')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFD700','Gold')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DAA520','GoldenRod')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#808080','Grey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ADFF2F','GreenYellow')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F0FFF0','HoneyDew')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF69B4','HotPink')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#CD5C5C','IndianRed')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#4B0082','Indigo')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFFFF0','Ivory')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F0E68C','Khaki')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#E6E6FA','Lavender')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFF0F5','LavenderBlush')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#7CFC00','LawnGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFFACD','LemonChiffon')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#ADD8E6','LightBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F08080','LightCoral')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#E0FFFF','LightCyan')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FAFAD2','LightGoldenRodYellow')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D3D3D3','LightGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D3D3D3','LightGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#90EE90','LightGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFB6C1','LightPink')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFA07A','LightSalmon')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#20B2AA','LightSeaGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#87CEFA','LightSkyBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#778899','LightSlateGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#778899','LightSlateGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#B0C4DE','LightSteelBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFFFE0','LightYellow')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#32CD32','LimeGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FAF0E6','Linen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF00FF','Magenta')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#66CDAA','MediumAquaMarine')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#0000CD','MediumBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#BA55D3','MediumOrchid')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#9370D8','MediumPurple')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#3CB371','MediumSeaGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#7B68EE','MediumSlateBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00FA9A','MediumSpringGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#48D1CC','MediumTurquoise')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#C71585','MediumVioletRed')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#191970','MidnightBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F5FFFA','MintCream')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFE4E1','MistyRose')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFE4B5','Moccasin')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFDEAD','NavajoWhite')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FDF5E6','OldLace')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#6B8E23','OliveDrab')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF4500','OrangeRed')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DA70D6','Orchid')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#EEE8AA','PaleGoldenRod')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#98FB98','PaleGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#AFEEEE','PaleTurquoise')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D87093','PaleVioletRed')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFEFD5','PapayaWhip')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFDAB9','PeachPuff')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#CD853F','Peru')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFC0CB','Pink')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#DDA0DD','Plum')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#B0E0E6','PowderBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#BC8F8F','RosyBrown')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#4169E1','RoyalBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#8B4513','SaddleBrown')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FA8072','Salmon')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F4A460','SandyBrown')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#2E8B57','SeaGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFF5EE','SeaShell')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#A0522D','Sienna')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#87CEEB','SkyBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#6A5ACD','SlateBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#708090','SlateGray')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#708090','SlateGrey')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FFFAFA','Snow')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#00FF7F','SpringGreen')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#4682B4','SteelBlue')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D2B48C','Tan')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#D8BFD8','Thistle')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#FF6347','Tomato')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#40E0D0','Turquoise')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#EE82EE','Violet')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F5DEB3','Wheat')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#F5F5F5','WhiteSmoke')
let i = s:SetNamedColor('#9ACD32','YellowGreen')
function! s:PreviewCSSColorAllBuffer()
let i = 1
while i <= line("$")
call s:PreviewCSSColorInLine(i)
let i = i+1
unlet i
"autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead,BufEnter,WinEnter *.css silent call s:PreviewCSSColorAllBuffer()
autocmd CursorHold *.css silent call s:PreviewCSSColorInLine('.')
autocmd CursorHoldI *.css silent call s:PreviewCSSColorInLine('.')
set ut=100
endif " has("gui_running")
let b:current_syntax = "css"
if main_syntax == 'css'
unlet main_syntax
" vim: ts=8