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Feel++: Finite Element Embedded Library in C++

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What is Feel++ ?

Feel++ is a unified C++ implementation of Galerkin methods (finite and spectral element methods) in 1D, 2D and 3D to solve partial differential equations.

Feel++ is

  1. a versatile mathematical kernel solving easily problems using different techniques thus allowing testing and comparing methods, e.g. cG versus dG.

  2. a small and manageable library which nevertheless encompasses a wide range of numerical methods and techniques and in particular reduced order methods such as the reduced basis method.

  3. a software that follows closely the mathematical abstractions associated with partial differential equations (PDE) and in particular the finite element mathematical framework and variational formulations.

  4. a library that offers solving strategies that scales up to thousands and even tens of thousands of cores.

  5. a library entirely in C++ allowing to create C++ complex and typically non-linear multi-physics applications currently in industry, physics and health-care.

Read the Feel++ Book

All the Feel++ manuals are available at http://book.feelpp.org.

Help and Support

We’re always happy to help out with Feel++ or any other questions you might have. You can ask a question or signal an issue at the Gitter Feel++ salon.

Contribute to this documentation

You can contribute to improve this documentation on GitHub.

Generating the website

Feel++ uses Antora to generate the website http://docs.feelpp.org.

Once you have installed Antora, follow the next steps to generate a local preview of the website http://docs.feelpp.org.

git clone https://github.com/feelpp/book.feelpp.org.git (1)
cd book.feelpp.org (2)
antora --pull antora-local-feelpp-doc.yml (3)
serve build/site (4)
  1. clone the source for the website

  2. go the toplevel directory

  3. build a local preview of the website with Antora

  4. start the node.ja webserver serve, see the docs.