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FTB ConMan - Website Content Management System

(This is a work in progress. The code will not be useable until an actual 1.0 release is done.)

The idea behind FTB ConMan is to create a system that is incredibly simple to use for any website manager to add and edit content.

As well, it takes advantage of all the latest advances in website technology to provide a modern website with minimal required knowledge on the user's part.

Topping that off, it will provide a website that works and fits no matter what is being used to view it, be it a tiny mobile device or large screen computer.

This is a massive, start-from-scratch undertaking.

Release Plans:

The current GIT is just the work in progress. It is not useable.

The 1.x release series will be functional releases but considered works in progress ("betas"). Mostly for testing, though they will be in a useable state for what functions they do provide.

The 2.x release series will be considered stable, fully functional releases. 2.0 will have all the functions considered mandatory for FTB ConMan, while further 2.x releases will fix any found bugs or security issues, code cleanup, speed improvements, and additional non-mandatory functionality.

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