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How does this work?

The easiest way to use this site is to browse to a specific problem on Leetcode, and then replace in the URL with For example, if you're working on, the corresponding solution on this site is at

What? Why? Who?

Oh hai 👋

This is a site filled with explanations for computer programming stuff, like data structures, algorithms, and example problems — all the stuff that you'd expect to see while preparing for technical interviews. I'm focusing on LeetCode because their problems are well-written and have a lot of variety, and LeetCode appears to be one of the most popular sites for this kind of stuff.

The idea for this site came up as I recently spent several weeks preparing for and going through programming interviews. I'll be the first to admit that I struggle a lot with algorithms and formal logic — it's all Greek to me. So I would spend a lot of time looking up multiple explanations of an algorithm or problem, trying to triangulate a clear explanation for myself. At some point, I'd figure out an intuitive, "oh why didn't anyone just say this" explanation that (while maybe not perfectly rigorous) made it a lot easier to understand what was going on. At some point, I started wishing there was a place I could go to from where I could devour all of these simple explanations. Since I couldn't find a good one, I figured I'd create one.

I taught myself to code when the original iPhone SDK came out, first learning C and Objective-C before moving into web technologies. Early on, as I was learning the iPhone SDK piece-by-piece from various copy-paste-and-run tutorials, I wished for a single source that would explain everything from the ground up. I created one when I couldn't find what I was looking for. This site is sort of a spiritual successor to that.

I've spent a few years as a software engineer at a few startups, and I'm now an engineer at Stripe. I also tweet occasionally and write about other things.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll find something useful here! 💛

(BTW, everything for this site, including the server, original content, and assets, are on Github!)

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