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LiXian.XunLei: api of in python

LiXian.XunLei is a python api base on , and a web project using this api.



Api for
  • Including add/fetch/delete/delay tasks or files.
  • Normal/bt/thunder/magnet url support and automatically distinguish.
  • Ulimit offline space.
  • task will never expired.
A website
  • Multi-user with permission control support.
  • Async
  • Search
  • Tags
  • Share
  • Download with wget/aria2
A plugin for flexget
  • add task by flexget
  • get all files as input from xunlei lixian



python --username=<xunlei_vip_username> --password=<your_password>

or you can using a config file

username = "<your_username>"
password = "<your_password>"

and start with command

python --f=<config>

Getting help

python --help

FlexGet Plugin

cp libs/ libs/ libs/ ~/.flexget/plugins/

and add config

    username: "<your username>"
    password: "<your password>"

presets<> may help if you want to add it to all feeds.


easy_install requests
easy_install pyparsing
easy_install beautifulsoup
easy_install sqlalchemy

if using mysql

easy_install mysql-python

if mysql_config is not found

apt-get install mysqlclient-dev


apt-get install sqlite


lixian.xunlei is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License. You may get a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License from <>