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1 parent a661a8a commit 1d607c9ed2bd5153ebe98d0ff420a62d08ebbb5f Binux committed Jan 15, 2012
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@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ def _random():
if need_miaoxia and not info.get('cid'):
return (-2, "need miaoxia")
if need_miaoxia and not self.xunlei.is_miaoxia(info['cid'],
- [x['index'] for x in info['filelist'] if x['valid']]):
+ [x['index'] for x in info['filelist'] if x['valid']][-20:]):
return (-2, "need miaoxia")
if need_miaoxia and not self.xunlei.is_miaoxia(url):

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