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June is a forum

How to contribute

Fork and send pull request. All code must be linted by flake8.

How to debug on your own machine

The easy way:

python install

After installation, type -h for help.

  1. create a settings file: , a file called will be created in your current path.

  2. edit settings file

    • change master for your database
    • change static_path
    • add repatcha key and secret
  3. create database: createdb

  4. create super user: createuser

  5. start server: june.server

The hard way

  1. install all required modules:

    • tornado
    • SQLAlchemy
    • markdown
    • pygments
    • python-memcached
    • argparse
  2. check above, using june/ to create everything

  3. check above using june/ to start server

How to set up a production enironment

You need to know a little of supervisor and nginx, all config files are available in conf/

Set fator for your site:

  • reply_factor_for_topic (default: 600)
  • reply_time_factor (default: 1000)
  • up_factor_for_topic (default: 1500)
  • up_factor_for_user (default: 1)
  • down_factor_for_topic (default:800)
  • down_factor_for_user (default: 1)
  • vote_reply_factor_for_topic (default: 500)
  • vote_reply_factor_for_user (default: 1)

If your forum is very active, set the factors lower, otherwise set the factors higher!

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