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Database migration support for FeinCMS with South

If you don't know what South is you should probably go and read about it right now!

FeinCMS itself does not come with any migrations. It does not have to: Its core models haven't changed for several versions now. This does not mean South isn't supported! You are free to use South to manage FeinCMS' models which is a very useful technique especially if you are using :ref:`page-extensions`.

The following steps should be sufficient to get up and running with South in your project:

  • Put a copy of South somewhere on your PYTHONPATH, with pip, hg or whatever pleases you most.

  • Add 'south' to INSTALLED_APPS.

  • Create a new folder in your app with an empty file inside, e.g. yourapp/migrate/.

  • Add the following configuration variable to your

        'page': '',
        'medialibrary': 'yourapp.migrate.medialibrary', # if you are using the medialibrary
                                                        # which comes with FeinCMS
  • Run ./ convert_to_south page and ./ convert_to_south medialibrary

  • That's it!


You must not use migrations as folder name for the FeinCMS migrations, otherwise South will get confused.

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