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This module allows to include custom feincms handlers. Major use cases are ajax-responses that only return a small part of the page or mobile versions of the site.

There is a Legacy version for FeinCMS < 1.5. The main version is for FeinCMS >= 1.5

Currently the following handlers are included:

CBV Handlers:


Allows to ajaxify a FeinCMS website. If a request is Ajax it renders tempates prefixed with ajax_.

The ajax handler can use history.js ( for client-side HTML history.

Checkout this gist for ajaxifying your webiste:


For making your Ajax-Site Google crawlable. According to this standard:

The handler will look for a template prefixed with snapshot_ and add the _escaped_fragment_ part as an attribute escaped_fragment to the request. You can then render additional content within that template to show a flat representation of your ajax web site.


Automatically redirect to the page in the user's language if available. Useful for Facebook tabs and places where a language nav cannot be used. Not recommended for general use.

Legacy Handlers:

FeinCMS Print

If the request has a GET parameter called 'print', it prefixes the base templates with 'print_'.

Page ID fallback

If the request contains a GET parameter 'p' with a Page id it redirects to that page. This can be useful if you have to add static links to a FeinCMS page and want to make sure the page is reachable even if moved.

Usage Example:

CBV Handler:

By default, the FeinCMS and the Ajax handlers are active. You can add them like this:

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    url(r'', include('feincms_handlers.urls')),

To customize the configuration add this to your

from feincms_handlers import handlers

handler = handlers.MasterHandler([handlers.AjaxHandler,

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    url(r'^$', handlers.FeinCMSHandler.as_view(), name='feincms_home'),
    url(r'^(.*)/$', handler, name='feincms_handler'),

Legacy Handler:

from feincms_handlers import legacy

handler = legacy.MasterHandler(['feincms_handlers.legacy.page_id_fallback.handler',

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    url(r'^$', handler, name='feincms_home'),
    url(r'^(.*)/$', handler, name='feincms_handler'),
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