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Tools&scripts for daily devops.
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Build Status

Tools&scripts for devops.


  • Container/docker management
  • Kubernetes deployment&management
  • Networking experiments
  • Vagrant tools

Get the scripts

git clone
cd ops


Create a kubernetes cluster master

  • Install kubernetes with docker:
# Setup kubernetes master.

Add a new node

# Setup token and CIDR first.
# replace this with yours.
export TOKEN="xxxx"
export MASTER_IP="x.x.x.x"

# Setup and join the new node.


  • Use mirrors in China: export USE_MIRROR=true. Only required for Chinese users.
  • Container runtime: export CONTAINER_RUNTIME="docker". Supported options:
    • docker
    • containerd
    • cri-o
    • gvisor
  • CNI network plugins: export NETWORK_PLUGIN="flannel". Supported options:
    • flannel
    • calico
    • weave
    • azure
    • bridge
  • Cluster CIDR: export CLUSTER_CIDR=""
  • Container CIDR: export CONTAINER_CIDR="". Only required for bridge network plugin.

Kubernetes manifest examples

See k8s-examples.


  • Install docker v1.13: ./kubernetes/
  • Install docker latest: export DOCKER_VERSION="latest" && ./kubernetes/


  • Install ovs: ./ovs/
  • Start ovn: ./ovs/


  • Install golang: ./misc/
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