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This repository contains three configuration files:

  • vimrc
  • neovim
  • zshrc
  • tmux.conf

VIM & Neovim

  1. It works fine on Mac OSX with VIM 8.0+ and Neovim 0.1.7.
  2. It should be OK for Linux with same version.

Install & Upgrade


  1. Clone vim.d

     git clone ~/workspace/vim.d
  2. Create ~/.vimrc

     ln -s ~/workspace/vim.d/vimrc ~/.vimrc  # vim
     ln -s ~/workspace/vim.d/nvim ~/.config  # neovim
  3. Open nvim, execute :PlugInstall

  4. Patch powerline font

    mkdir ~/.fonts
    git clone ~/.fonts/powerline-fonts
    cd ~/.fonts/powerline-fonts
  5. Install cpsm

    sudo apt install libboost-all-dev python-dev
    cd ~/.config/nvim/plugged/cpsm
  6. Install YouCompleteMe

    cd ~/.config/nvim/plugged/YouCompleteMe
    ./ --go-completer
    pip install neovim # for neovim support
  7. Open nvim again, enjoy!


  1. Update vim.d
    cd ~/workspace/vim.d
    git pull
  1. Open nvim, execute :PlugClean
  2. Open nvim, execute :PlugUpdate


The plugins I used are:

  • tomasr/molokai
  • nixprime/cpsm
  • ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim
  • tacahiroy/ctrlp-funky
  • scrooloose/nerdtree
  • vim-scripts/NERD_tree-Project
  • scrooloose/nerdcommenter
  • plasticboy/vim-markdown
  • majutsushi/tagbar
  • vim-airline/vim-airline
  • vim-airline/vim-airline-themes
  • tpope/vim-fugitive
  • Valloric/YouCompleteMe
  • w0rp/ale
  • mfukar/robotframework-vim
  • ntpeters/vim-better-whitespace
  • elzr/vim-json
  • pangloss/vim-javascript
  • mxw/vim-jsx
  • othree/html5.vim
  • airblade/vim-gitgutter
  • wavded/vim-stylus
  • moll/vim-node
  • jiangmiao/auto-pairs
  • ekalinin/Dockerfile.vim
  • fatih/vim-go
  • christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator


  1. ,e

    open file

  2. ,s

    open file in split window

  3. ,vs

    open file in vertical split window

  4. ,m

    comment/uncomment code

  5. ,f

    open function list of current file, like Ctrl-R in sublime

  6. <F4>

    open/close tag bar on the right panel

  7. <F5>

    execute "make test" in project root

  8. <F12>

    open/close project browser on the left panel

  9. <Ctrl-Tab>

    in normal mode, switch files in minibuffer; in insert mode, used to select code snippet

  10. <Ctrl-p>

    in insert mode, used to open specified file quickly; see detail in ctrlp.vim plugin

  11. ,;

    auto complete

  12. ,c

    copy to system clipboard

  13. ,v

    paste from system clipboard

Some Tips

Edit file in column

  1. in normal mode, <Ctrl-v> start to select column, <Shift-v> to select multiple lines
  2. after select several columns,
    • I used to add content before cursor column
    • A used to add content after cursor column
    • r used to modify content under cursor
    • x used to delete content under cursor

Quick Move

  1. <Ctrl-o> move to previous edit position
  2. <Ctrl-i> move to forward edit position
  3. b move to previous word, w move to next word
    • try B and W, and see what's the difference
  4. { move to previous block, } move to next block
  5. 0 move to start of the line, $ move to end of the line
    • ^ move to first char of the line
  6. gg move to the start of the file, G move to the end of the file
  7. <Ctrl-]> jump to the definition of content under cursor, while <Ctrl-t> jump back

Quick Edit

  1. u undo, <Ctrl-r> redo
  2. . report last step
  3. di' delete content in '
  4. dt' delete content from current position to '
  5. cw modify the current word
  6. caw modify the current word
  7. c0 modify from start to current position
  8. c$ modify from current position to end of this line
  9. R update the content until got ESC


  1. qa start to record macro a
  2. execute some steps
  3. q stop to record
  4. @a execute the macro
  5. @@ execute the last executed macro

VIM on Terminal

  1. I use "gnome-terminal", suggest modify the color schema similar with vim.
  2. See


panel usage


  1. VIM Tips
  2. VIM scripts
  3. ctrlp.vim introduction
  4. Practical VIM


ln -s ~/workspace/vim.d/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf
# enjoy


  1. upgrade tmux from 1.8 to 2.0 on ubuntu 14.04
  2. dayid's tmux & screen cheat-sheet