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ruby language identification library
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Language Identification

This repository contains code to build multilingual text corpora, and to train and to use various language identification algorithms. thesis.pdf describes the software in more detail. An online demo is available here.


The gem can be used to guess a language using the Bayesian language guesser, just

gem install rlid

and then use in the following way

require 'rlid'

res = Rlid.guess_language('hello') #=> eng(28) : spa(11) : fin(11)
res.first           #=> :eng
res[:spa]           #=> 0.10825
res[:dut]           #=> 0.08647
a = res.to_a        #=> [{language: :eng, confidence: 0.28117},
                    #    {langauge: :spa, confidence: 0.10825},
                    #    {language: :eng, confidence: 0.10615},
                    #    ... ]
a[2][:language]     #=> :fin
a[2][:confidence]   #=> 0.10825


The current version is a proof of concept and recognises only 22 languages. Furthermore, the confidence values make sense as probabilities only under the assumption that the text is valid text in one of the recognised languages.

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