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Framework to ease manage OpenCV algorithms based on Blender
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OpencCV Laboratory

Application for rapid prototyping and testing algorithms of computer vision.

Documentation Status GPLv3 license


The main advantages of the application are: convenient and elastic node system, quick parameter change using sliders and switches, immidiate visualization of the result, easy and continuous code execution, integrated image preview system and intergrated code editor, the ability to enter your own code, fast writing/reading including images, codes and description, easy tutorials and ready-made templates.

The application was created on the basis of proven engines: Python, OpenCV, Blender.


Many of ideas and solutions was borrowed from:


Addon for: Blender (version 2.79 and above).
Current version: 1.0.5 beta License: GPL3
Prerequisites: Python 3.7, opencv, numpy
Docs: In English - Documentation
Problems Issue Tracker - If you have problem
Binaries Download - Current version for various platforms

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