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State Department's Clean Energy Data Science Challenge
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State Department's Clean Energy Data Science Challenge

I completed and presented this project during the Clean Energy Data Science Challenge, an event hosted by the U.S. State Deparment, Booz Allen Hamilton and the World Bank at Galvanize, San Francisco.

The goal was to create an open-source, user-friendly, data-driven application to facilitate the deployment of small-scale solar and micro-grids in Burma.

Using census and geospatial data I created key features to segment Myanmar's unelectrified population such as cellphone coverage, household demand, potential market size in USD and mapped the solar resource.

The final product is an interactive graph with slider widgets to filter specific market demographics, swappable axis for multi-angle visualization and the ability to hover over points for key information.

The tool's output is compatible with CARTO an open source visualization tool for geospatial data to add further layers that enhance the analysis; particularly road access and transmission lines.


alt text

alt text


  • Python
  • Geopandas / Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Bokeh
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