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Hugo Theme: Lean Launch Page

This theme is to build a quick, single page launch site. You may want to build a site like this when you have a business/start up/product idea that you'd like to validate. This is a common practice nowadays by people following The Lean Startup Methodology.

This theme allows you to announce a company or product, provide social media links, and a email form for users to signup which is hooked up to MailChimp.

Getting Started

An example of how to use this theme is provided in the ./exampleSite/ directory. Basically, you'll want to use your Hugo config file as usual and customize all of the variables in the params section. The example Hugo config can be found at ./exampleSite/config.toml.

Google Analytics

You can provide your Google Analytics ID in the Hugo config to add GA tracking to your page. To measure your launch page's effectiveness, this is highly suggested.

Social Media

You can set the social media URL for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ to your Hugo config file and the associated icons (and links) will show up on your launch page.


Set mailchimpURL in your Hugo config to enable an email form on your page allowing you to collect signups from visitors. This how is how you build your launch list for your product.

Getting the URL

To get the MailChimp URL, go to your list on MailChimp, click "Signup forms", and select "Embedded forms". In the "Copy/paste onto your site" text area, you'll see HTMl that says <form action=". The URL that follows is what you want.


This theme is under active development. Found a bug? Have feedback? Let us know on GitHub.


A theme for people creating pre-launch pages for a product or business. Allows you to have a landing page while collecting emails.





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