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Orb Badge is a mini Go server designed to provide a JSON endpoint for's custom badges. This allows Orb developers to use a status badge on their repo's readme file.

This software is currently considered a proof of concept. It may go away, and it may break as the service is in beta.

Using a Badge

You show an orb version status badge with the following URL:<namespace>/<orb-name>

where <namespace> is your Orb's namespace and <orb-name> is the name of the specific Orb.

For example, here's a badge for the CircleCI AWS CLI Orb in Markdown with a link back to the Orbs page:

[![CircleCI Orb Version](](

and here is how it render's: CircleCI Orb Version


Raw / Straight on local machine

This server is written in Go. Please use Go v1.11 or later. It may work with earlier versions but it's untested.

go get -u
go run .


If you don't have Go installed locally or just want to use Docker regardless:

git clone
cd orb-badge-server
docker build -it dev/orb-badge-server # will show the server running in the terminal and stay attached
docker build -it dev/orb-badge-server # will run the terminal in the background and return control

The server will be available at http://localhost:1107/.


There really isn't a production server right now. I am running a test/beta at

To run your own, place the binary on a server and run it. If you use port 80, sudo will be needed for non-root users.

go build ./...
./orb-badge <port>

Running the binary in something like tmux will make your life easier as well.


This repository is licensed under the MIT license. This repo's license can be found here.


Status badges for CircleCI Orbs.



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