The Pocket Casts webapp, packaged for the Linux Desktop.
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Pocket Casts for Desktop banner

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Pocket Casts is the world's most powerful podcast player. It's a great app to discover and listen to your favorite podcasts. Many blogs have deemed Pocket Casts the best podcatcher around.

This app/repository isn't a new, native app built by the official Pocket Casts team. Instead, this is a community-built app by me (@FelicianoTech) that takes the official Pocket Casts webapp, and packages for the Linux desktop using Electron (yuck I know, but it actually worked very well).

You need to have a pre-existing Pocket Casts account (it's cheap and worth the money) to use this app. You can purchase Pocket Casts on their official website.


Snap Package (recommended) - For Ubuntu, most Ubuntu flavors, elementary OS, Debian, Fedora, and more

The Pocket Casts desktop app can be installed via snap on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04+, elementary OS 5, and many Linux distros with snapd installed by running:

sudo snap install pocket-casts

If you don't have the snap command available, you might be able to find instructions for your distro here.

Ubuntu Software app

Pocket Casts is available within the Ubuntu Software app on your Ubuntu machine. Just open the store up and search for "Pocket Casts".


We publish a .deb file for each release in GitHub Releases. Check out the releases page to find them.


I don't currently publish any packages for macOS. If you want one, request it in a GitHub Issue (check for an existing issue first) or open a PR. Since this is built with Electron, it shouldn't be too much extra work to build for macOS if the desire is there.


Pocket Casts makes an official desktop app for Windows. I suggest you use that one.


Pocket Casts for Desktop screenshot

This is a desktop app. Open whatever app launcher you normally use and search for Pocket Casts.


This app is built with Electron. I'm new to using Electron so I'll add more information here as I figure it out. The snap package itself is built with electron-builder so make sure to use that to build your own snap.


The code for this snap is licensed under the MIT license. This repo's license can be found here. The code for Pocket Casts itself is proprietary and belongs to the Pocket Casts team/NPR. I do not own that code nor have any affiliation for Pocket Casts. I'm just a fan of the app and of Linux.