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Pointless - a CircleCI Chrome Extension Build Status Software License

Pointless Logo

Pointless is a CircleCI Chrome Extension that enhances your browsing experience while developing. For example, while viewing a project on GitHub, you can see its build status and follow/unfollow that project on CircleCI right from the GitHub page.


Pointless can be installed via the Chrome Store.


This extension requires a CircleCI Personal API Token. Once you create a token on CircleCI's website, you can add it to Pointless by right-clicking the CircleCI icon at the top-right corner of Google Chrome and clicking "Options".


  • build status (GitHub) - a colored icon will appear to the right of the project name, showing the CircleCI build status of the default branch.

  • follow/unfollow projects (GitHub) - on a repo page, a CircleCI "Follow"/"Unfollow" button will appear next to the "Watch", "Star", and "Fork" GitHub buttons.

  • docs search (Omnibox/address bar) - search CircleCI Docs (all of docs or a single section) right from Chrome's Omnibox. Instructions below.



Pointless supports quick, special searches. Currently, only CircleCI Docs can be searched but more search types are on the roadmap.

Search CircleCI Docs

In the Omnibox (address bar) type ci and press tab to activate Pointless' Search. Then, type d, a space, and then one or more search terms to search all of CircleCI Docs. You can search 1.0 Docs specifically by using d1 instead of d, for 2.0, d2, for API Docs, da, and for CCIE Docs, de.

Note that the search results will appear as a suggested page underneath the Omnibox. Hitting Enter will bring you to the CircleCi Docs index.


Search all of CircleCI Docs for Docker by typing: ci <tab> d docker

Search for Yarn in CircleCI 2.0 Docs: ci <tab> d2 yarn


Pointless is a CircleCI Chrome extension that enhances browsing experience on websites such as GitHub.




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