A Linux Snap package for scc.
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A tool similar to cloc, sloccount and tokei. For counting physical the lines of code, blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code in many programming languages.

Goal is to be the fastest code counter possible, but also perform COCOMO calculation like sloccount and to estimate code complexity similar to cyclomatic complexity calculators.

This repository provides the source code for the scc snap which is available in the Snapcraft Store. The snap is maintained by @FelicianoTech meanwhile the code for scc itself is maintained by Ben Boyter. The upstream repository can be found here.


scc can be installed via snap on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04+, elementary OS 5.0+, and many Linux distros with snapd installed by running:

sudo snap install scc

If you don't have the snap command available, you might be able to find instructions for your distro here. Otherwise you can manually install a binary from the project's GitHub Releases page.


Basic usage of scc is simply:

scc path/to/code

scc will then run its analysis and generate a table of results for you. More usage instructions can be found in the upstream repo's usage secction though the easiest way would be to run scc --help.


This snap is built with Snapcraft v3.0+ and Multipass.

On Ubuntu:

sudo snap install --classic snapcraft multipass
snapcraft snap


Both the code for this snap as well as scc itself is licensed under the MIT license. This repo's license can be found here while the license for scc can be found here.