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set editing-mode vi
# Adds punctuation as word delimiters
set bind-tty-special-chars off
# Completion Options
set page-completions on
set completion-ignore-case on
set completion-query-items 200
set show-all-if-ambiguous on
set show-all-if-unmodified on
set visible-stats on
# Useful stuff for UTF-8
set meta-flag on
set input-meta on
set output-meta on
set convert-meta off
$if mode=vi
set keymap vi-command
"gg": beginning-of-history
"G": end-of-history
set keymap vi-insert
"\C-l": clear-screen
"\C-w": backward-kill-word
# auto-complete from the history
"\C-p": history-search-backward
"\C-n": history-search-forward
"\C-s": yank-last-arg
# IPython needs this to appear at the bottom of the
# file for clear-screen to work
set keymap vi