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A dummy dsp node; good example of how to write one

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This is an example DSP node that is simply passing buffers back and forth.

= Preparation =

In order to develop dynamic dsp nodes you'll need a C6x compiler and doffbuild

== C6x compiler ==

Download from:

Install to '/opt/dsptools'

== doffbuild ==

The only relevant tool is DLLcreate, which can be found in TI's omapzoom site,
on the dspbridge_dsp package.

 mkdir -p tmp
 tar -xf dspbridge_dsp.tar.gz -C tmp
 mv tmp/dsp/bdsptools/packages/ti/dspbridge/dsp/doffbuild /opt/doffbuild
 rm -rf tmp

= Build =

 make DSP_TOOLS=/opt/dsptools DSP_DOFFBUILD=/opt/doffbuild

As a result you'll have two binaries; 'dummy.dll64P' for dsp-side, and 'dummy' for arm-side.

Simply copy 'dummy.dll64P' to '/lib/dsp' and then run the 'dummy' app.
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