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This tool allows you to maintain a patch series more easily. You can store the cover letter, the cc list, version of the series, and other metadata.

By default it will use the currently checked out branch, and show you a template like this:




The first part is a YAML document with all optional fields, such as 'version', 'cc', 'to'. You can store any information you want using the YAML syntax.

The second part, delimited by a blank line, is the cover letter. The first line will be used as the subject of the cover letter email, and the rest as the content of the email.

Then standard tools will be used to send the emails: git format-patch and git send-email, which you must have configured before using this helper.

In the end, a custom ref will be created to save the current state of the branch. For example, if you want to see what was the status of your series of the branch 'feature-a' in version 2, you can use 'sent/feature-a/v2', for example to create an interdiff to see what changed between one version an the other.