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Some wrappers for libav
branch: master

Update to new GLib mutex API

Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
latest commit 3c30e64169
Felipe Contreras authored
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.gitignore Add gitignore
LICENSE Add license file
Makefile build: cleanup dist target
get-version build: trivial cleanups
get_bits.h get_bits: add simple AV_WB16
gstav_adec.c Update to new GLib mutex API
gstav_adec.h Update copyrights
gstav_h263enc.c Update copyrights
gstav_h263enc.h Update copyrights
gstav_h264enc.c h264enc: be more specific about stream format
gstav_h264enc.h Update copyrights
gstav_parse.c Add missing includes
gstav_parse.h Update copyrights
gstav_vdec.c Update to new GLib mutex API
gstav_vdec.h Update to new GLib mutex API
gstav_venc.c venc: update to avcodec_encode_video2()
plugin.c Update copyrights
plugin.h Update copyrights
util.c util: extra safety checks
util.h Update copyrights


gst-av is a GStreamer plug-in to provide support for libav (fork of FFmpeg), it
is similar to gst-ffmpeg, but all libav codecs are supported, even if there are
native GStreamer alternatives; VP8, MP3, Ogg, Vorbis, AAC, etc.

It should work for multiple versions of both libav and FFmpeg.
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