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GStreamer elements for TI's OMAP DSP
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util.h util: cleanup gstdsp_map_buffer() variables


Texas Instruments provides DSP algorithms for the OMAP 3 platform used in a
number of devices like beagleboard, Nokia N900, and Nokia N9.

The gst-dsp project aims to provide GStreamer elements to take advantage of
those algorithms. The list includes video/image decoders and encoders.

Unlike other similar projects there are no dependencies (no openmax, no

The features include:

 * video decoding (MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, WMV)
 * video encoding (MPEG-4, H.263, H.264)
 * image encoding/decoding (JPEG)
 * zero-copy

The advantages over other solutions are:

 * simpler code (5k vs 50k)
 * better performance (4x)

== building ==

There are no dependencies, so just:


If you are using an old version of TI's dspbrdige driver:

 DSP_API=0 ./configure

== tidsp ==

You'll need a kernel with tidspbridge driver, the DSP firmware in /lib/dsp, and
the DSP running a proper baseimage (baseimage.dof).


== compatibility ==

gst-dsp supports multiple versions of DSP socket-nodes, and tidspbridge driver.

socket nodes:

 L23.i3.8: SN_API=2
 L23.i3.3: SN_API=1

Note that the jpeg encoder in L23.i3.8 doesn't work (they compiled it wrongly),
and the one in L23.i3.3 might hang on some pipelines; you might have to turn
off enable-last-buffer, since only one output buffer would be available at any
given time.


 since staging: DSP_API=2
 since ioctl renumbering: DSP_API=1
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