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* Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Felipe Contreras
* Author: Felipe Contreras <>
* This file may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License version 2.1, a copy of which is found in LICENSE included in the
* packaging of this file.
#ifndef TIDSP_H
#define TIDSP_H
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
struct td_context;
struct td_buffer;
struct td_port;
struct dmm_buffer;
struct dsp_node;
struct dsp_notification;
struct dmm_buffer {
int handle;
void *proc;
void *data;
void *allocated_data;
size_t size;
size_t len;
void *reserve;
void *map;
bool need_copy;
int dir;
size_t dma_len;
struct td_buffer {
struct td_port *port;
struct dmm_buffer *data;
struct dmm_buffer *comm;
struct dmm_buffer *params;
void *user_data;
bool keyframe;
bool pinned;
bool clean;
bool used;
typedef void (*td_port_cb_t) (struct td_context *ctx, struct td_buffer *tb);
struct td_port {
unsigned id;
int dir;
struct td_buffer *buffers;
unsigned nr_buffers;
td_port_cb_t send_cb;
td_port_cb_t recv_cb;
struct td_codec {
const struct dsp_uuid *uuid;
const char *filename;
void (*setup_params)(struct td_context *ctx);
void (*create_args)(struct td_context *ctx, unsigned *profile_id, void **arg_data);
bool (*handle_extra_data)(struct td_context *ctx, void *buf);
void (*flush_buffer)(struct td_context *ctx);
void (*send_params)(struct td_context *ctx, struct dsp_node *node);
void (*update_params)(struct td_context *ctx, struct dsp_node *node, uint32_t msg);
unsigned (*get_latency)(struct td_context *ctx, unsigned frame_duration);
struct td_context {
void *client;
int dsp_handle;
void *proc;
struct dsp_node *node;
struct td_codec *codec;
struct td_port *ports[2];
struct dsp_notification *events[3];
struct dmm_buffer *alg_ctrl;
int width, height;
int crop_width, crop_height;
unsigned color_format;
size_t output_buffer_size;
unsigned dsp_error;
void *(*create_node)(struct td_context *ctx);
bool (*send_play_message)(struct td_context *ctx);
void (*handle_buffer) (struct td_context *ctx, struct td_buffer *b);
struct td_port *td_port_new(int id, int dir);
void td_port_free(struct td_port *p);
void td_port_alloc_buffers(struct td_port *p, unsigned nr_buffers);
void td_port_flush(struct td_port *p);
struct td_context *td_new(void *client);
void td_free(struct td_context *ctx);
bool td_send_buffer(struct td_context *ctx, struct td_buffer *tb);
bool td_init(struct td_context *ctx);
bool td_close(struct td_context *ctx);
bool td_get_event(struct td_context *ctx);
typedef void (*td_setup_params_func)(struct td_context *ctx, struct dmm_buffer *mb);
void td_port_setup_params(struct td_context *ctx, struct td_port *p, size_t size,
td_setup_params_func func);
extern struct td_codec td_mp4vdec_codec;
#define td_fourcc(a, b, c, d) \
((uint32_t)(a) | ((uint32_t)(b) << 8) | ((uint32_t)(c) << 16) | ((uint32_t)(d) << 24))