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maemo-scrobbler is a scrobbler application (last.fm/libre.fm) for the Nokia N900 that listens for events coming from the official media player app through MAFW.

You can configure your accounts through the control panel.

The inspiration (and some code) comes from mafw-lastfm which does basically the same thing but lacks some features.

Compared to mafw-lastfm, maemo-scrobbler has:

  1. Support for multi-scrobbling (both last.fm and libre.fm at the same time)
    Includes a song queue per service.
  2. Improved song queue handling
    Since internally it uses libscrobble (which is independent of MAFW), the important code can be easily tested on desktop sw, and it has been done so… throughly.
    It doesn’t matter how flaky your network is, or that the servers are down, the songs will be submitted.
  3. Permanent storage
    The song queue is not lost, even on crashes, device reboots, or software updates.
  4. Video clips are ignored
    Small feature, but important.
  5. Support for now-playing
  6. Support for network connection detection
    Very important to send now-playing notifications.
  7. Proxy support

In other words: maemo-scrobbler Just Works™.