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Carl Worth <> is the primary author of Notmuch.
But there's really not much that he's done. There's been a lot of
standing on shoulders here:
William Morgan deserves credit for providing the primary inspiration
for Notmuch with his program Sup (
Some people have contributed code that has made it into Notmuch
without their specific knowledge (but with their full permission
thanks to the GNU General Public License). This includes:
Brian Gladman (with Mikhail Gusarov <>)
Implementation of SHA-1 (nice and small) (libsha1.c)
Please see the various files in the Notmuch distribution for
individual copyright statements.
And of course, though their code isn't distributed here, Notmuch would
be not much of anything without the contributors to Xapian, the search
engine that does the really heavy lifting, as well as the various
system libraries, compilers, and the kernel that make it all work
(thanks GNU, thanks Linux). Thanks to everyone who has played a part!
Here is an incomplete list of other people that have made
contributions to Notmuch (whether by code, bug reporting/fixes,
ideas, inspiration, testing or feedback):
Martin Krafft
Keith Packard
Jamey Sharp