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python zmq based on cffi
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Zmqpy - zeromq cffi bindings

Deprecation Note

At Jan 2013 zmqpy was merged into Pyzmq ( All improvements were done at the Pyzmq codebase and many of them weren't ported to zmqpy codebase. It's not worth it to maintain 2 separate codebases anymore. Pyzmq cffi backend it's an improved verzion of the zmqpy code and Pyzmq has much more features than zmqpy itself. It also has more tests and it's more reliable. Please consider changing to Pyzmq if you use zmqpy (unless you're still using zeromq 2.x).

Given that, there's no need to maintain this project anymore. I want to thank everybody that contributed somehow.

You can still check our OLD_README.markdown.

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