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Piano Keyboard

To play piano using CSS and JavaScript

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This project uses Pug, Stylus and Webpack.

Getting Started

# install dependencies
$ npm i

# Run the project
$ npm start

With the commands above, you have everything to start.

Post CSS libs

For grid system uses Autoprefixer to make easy use browser prefixes, Lost with some help from, Rucksack for animations, reset and a lot of great mixins, Rupture for responsive utilities. And Font Magician to get the webfonts.

Code Standards

This project uses my own Coding Style as code reference.

To help you, this project has a npm run fix command to fix all eslint errors.


  • npm start: run all tasks and initialize watch for changes and a server
  • npm run build: run all production tasks create a dist folder to deploy
  • npm run lint: lint javascript and css
  • npm run fix: command to fix all eslint errors


MIT License © Felipe Fialho