A Fast UDP Proxy written in Golang
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A Super Fast UDP Proxy that works as a NAT (has support to multiple clients) written in Golang.



  • Super Fast
  • Can Handle Multiple Clients
  • Act as a NAT
  • Dynamic upstreams
  • Multiple upstreams


  • GO 1.7


make build


$ ./bin/udpx --help
A fast UDP proxy that support multiple clients and dynamic upstreams

  udpx [command]

Available Commands:
  start       starts UDP proxy
  version     Print the version number of UDPX

Use "udpx [command] --help" for more information about a command.


  • Add config
  • Add command
  • Add tests infrastructure
  • Travis CI and Code Coverage
  • Support to multiple upstreams
  • Dynamically resolve upstreams
  • Dynamically add proxies
  • Dynamically remove proxies
  • Resolve new upstream addr if it changes
  • Make timeout logic faster by making less updates
  • Zap has a leak, maybe use another logger
  • Dynamically added proxies must be shared my multiple udpx instances
  • Can persist upstreams
  • Print statistics of messages sent and clients active /sec
  • Persist proxy state between reboots?
  • Docs
  • Example
  • Performance tests
  • Add more tests
  • Limit clients?
  • Docker