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Consumo Framework

Consumo is a simple and straightforward framework to create snippets of web scrapers to obtain data from brazilian mobile phone carriers. This project was NOT created to be used for illegal purposes. Please use it at your own risk.


Python Framework

Base class: ConsumoAbstract. Subclass this base class to create new scrapers.


The Python module can also be used as a UNIX program. Here is the command line interface:

$ -h
Usage: -l || -c <carrier> -u <username> -p <password>
-l  --list       Lists available carriers
-c  --carrier    Uses a specific <carrier>
-u  --username   Uses username <username>
-p  --password   Uses password <password>
-h  --help	     This help

Web service (Django)

The project also contains a very tiny Web service (REST) interface. All the Web service stuff is abstracted away via a Django module. Only two methods are supported:

  • consumo/list to list all the available carriers.
  • consumo/<carrier> to request a given carrier data.

Two parameters are required: username and password. This Web service might change in the feature.