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Test your Markup

Test your Markup is a game which will challange you to remember and type a number of related words.
You can try it out using the name of countries or, if you are a web developer, HTML tags and JavaScript tools, libraries and frameworks.

Seens easy? Well, it might be harder than you think!
If you got to the end of the game, tweet a print of it mentioning @felipenmoura with the hashtag #flowless :)

Try it!

Test your markup!

Animated demo

Help wanted

This is a game I made in my (almost null) free time, and I know it has lots of improvements to be made.
It would be awesome if you could help with:

  • adding sounds and background song
  • adding more options/lists
  • keeping updated the lists that exist there (send suggestions, as well)
  • better design/images/colors/fonts
  • reporting bugs and sending feedback :)


Just a game, made for fun, to test developers HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge, and typing speed!




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