Mendelevium is a PHP Log Center that relies on Redis as a backend
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Mendelevium is a PHP Log Center that relies on Redis as a backend.

There are two main motivations for the creation of Mendelevium :

1 - I wanted to build something using Redis.

2 - Logging on relation style (SQL) database is slow, .txt is slow, bla bla bla Redis is faster and its cooler.


Installing Mendelevium is easy as hell. Just copy & paste all the content of this repo into your project. You have to manage someway to include the MendeleviumClient over all the places of your project you want to use it. Using it together with any framework is great!

And don't forget to set redis info on core/Mendelevium.php.


Take the whole folder Mendelevium and add it to your project, find out for on MendeleviumClient.php:

$projName = 'Default'

and change it to something that suits your project. Currently It only supports one instance by project since the web interface only manage to handler one instance. But by now you can easily change it for multiple project side support.

So, just do anywhere Mendelevium is included:

$Mendelevium->log("message here");


Main Screen