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File metadata and controls

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Pick into the future

philips awakens!
philips feels cold!

  • # (gray): concrete wall
  • | (blue?/yellow?): sliding door
  • = (red->green): console

access k(up).


The console turns green.


The sliding door opens.

What we need to implement this?

  • some form of map generation (for generating the cryo chamber).
  • some form of connecting tile's actions (activate console opens door).
  • colored tiles.
  • messages to the user.
  • action composition.

Character stats

philips awakens!


philips grabs a rock.


philips throws a rock.

@ *

philips [throwing+1]

Characters generated with random stats and stat visualization.

For this we will also need a stat window.

And a system that stregthens stats based on use, so actions will be linked with specific stats and every time an action is used, the related stats are increased.

Design: Explorer class ship

It was an Explorer class ship. Explorer ships were designed to easily enter dense atmospheres and thus had an extremely aerodynamic design and small, retractile wings.

At that moment, she saw a small ship approaching through the transparent polymer. It was an Explorer ship. It was the first time she saw a ship that close. It was beautiful. Small holes all over the fuselage made it extremely maneuverable and in the back she could see a deep and a black pit. That was the output of the Flow Reactor used by the ship.

So, this ship will have:

  • flow reactor output;
  • retractile wings;
  • gas escapes;
  • aerodynamic design.

It is a small ship, but how small? Lets say 25 meters in length.



  • !: fuel cell
  • #: flow reactor
  • >: reactor output
  • %: bed/confortable chair
  • [: cabinet
  • .: floor
  • -, |, \, /: polymer panel
  • +: doors
  • =: console
  • ): transparent polymer/window

People use it for exploration, so it has to have bathroons and beds. Probably a kitchen?

Maybe have multiple Z-levels?