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/* Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Circuits At Home, LTD. All rights reserved.
This software may be distributed and modified under the terms of the GNU
General Public License version 2 (GPL2) as published by the Free Software
Foundation and appearing in the file GPL2.TXT included in the packaging of
this file. Please note that GPL2 Section 2[b] requires that all works based
on this software must also be made publicly available under the terms of
the GPL2 ("Copyleft").
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Circuits At Home, LTD
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#ifndef __CANONEOS_H__
#define __CANONEOS_H__
#include "WProgram.h"
#include "ptp.h"
// PTP Operation Codes (EOS specific)
#define EOS_OC_GetStorageIDs 0x9101
#define EOS_OC_GetStorageInfo 0x9102
#define EOS_OC_GetObject 0x9107
#define EOS_OC_GetDeviceInfoEx 0x9108
#define EOS_OC_GetObjectIDs 0x9109
#define EOS_OC_Capture 0x910f
#define EOS_OC_SetDevicePropValue 0x9110
#define EOS_OC_SetPCConnectMode 0x9114
#define EOS_OC_SetExtendedEventInfo 0x9115
#define EOS_OC_GetEvent 0x9116
#define EOS_OC_TransferComplete 0x9117
#define EOS_OC_CancelTransfer 0x9118
#define EOS_OC_ResetTransfer 0x9119
#define EOS_OC_GetDevicePropValue 0x9127
#define EOS_OC_GetLiveViewPicture 0x9153
#define EOS_OC_MoveFocus 0x9155
// PTP Device Properties
#define EOS_DPC_CameraDescription 0xD402
// Non-PTP Device properties
#define EOS_DPC_Aperture 0xD101
#define EOS_DPC_ShutterSpeed 0xD102
#define EOS_DPC_Iso 0xD103
#define EOS_DPC_ExposureCompensation 0xD104
#define EOS_DPC_ShootingMode 0xD105
#define EOS_DPC_DriveMode 0xD106
#define EOS_DPC_ExpMeterringMode 0xD107
#define EOS_DPC_AFMode 0xD108
#define EOS_DPC_WhiteBalance 0xD109
#define EOS_DPC_PictureStyle 0xD110
#define EOS_DPC_TransferOption 0xD111
#define EOS_DPC_UnixTime 0xD113
#define EOS_DPC_ImageQuality 0xD120
#define EOS_DPC_LiveView 0xD1B0
#define EOS_DPC_AvailableShots 0xD11B
#define EOS_DPC_CaptureDestination 0xD11C
#define EOS_DPC_BracketMode 0xD11D
// Non-PTP Events
#define EOS_EC_DevPropChanged 0xC189
#define EOS_EC_ObjectCreated 0xC181
#define EOS_EC_DevPropValuesAccepted 0xC18A
#define EOS_EC_Capture 0xC18B
#define EOS_EC_HalfPushReleaseButton 0xC18E
class EOSStateHandlers : public PTPStateHandlers
virtual void OnSessionOpenedState(PTP *ptp);
class ImgQualitySupplier : PTPDataSupplier
uint32_t pictFormat;
ImgQualitySupplier() {};
void SetPictureFormat(uint32_t format) { pictFormat = format; };
virtual uint32_t GetDataSize();
virtual void GetData(const uint16_t len, uint8_t *pbuf);
class CanonEOS : public PTP
enum { modeADEP=5, modeM=3, modeAv=2, modeTv=1, modeP=0, modeAuto=9, modePortrait=0xC, modeLandscape=0xD,
modeMacro=0xE, modeSport=0xB, modeNight=0xA, modeFlashOff=0xF};
enum { driveSingleShot = 0, driveSelf = 1, driveContinuous = 0x10 };
enum { iso100 = 0x48, iso200 = 0x50, iso400 = 0x58, iso800 = 0x60, iso1600 = 0x68 };
enum { styleStandard = 0x81, stylePortrait, styleLandscape, styleNeutral, styleFaithful, styleMonochrome,
styleUser1 = 0x21, styleUser2, styleUser3 };
enum { afmodeOneShot, afmodeAIServo, afmodeAIFocus };
enum { pictSFine = 0x00000321, pictSNormal = 0x00000221, pictMFine = 0x00000311, pictMNormal = 0x00000211,
pictLFine = 0x00000301, pictLNormal = 0x00000201, pictRaw = 0x00000406, pictRawPlusL = 0x00301406 };
enum { wbAuto, wbDaylight, wbCloudy, wbTungsten, wbFluorescent, wbStrobe, wbWhitePaper, wbShade = 8 };
ecPlus2 = 0x10, //"+2"
ecPlus1_2d3 = 0x0d, //"+1 2/3"
ecPlus1_1d3 = 0x0b, //"+1 1/3"
ecPlus1 = 0x08, //"+1"
ecPlus0_2d3 = 0x05, //"+2/3"
ecPlus0_1d3 = 0x03, //"+1/3"
ecZerro = 0x00, //"0"
ecMinus0_1d3= 0xfd, //"-1/3"
ecMinus0_2d3= 0xfb, //"-2/3"
ecMinus1 = 0xf8, //"-1"
ecMinus1_1d3= 0xf5, //"-1 1/3"
ecMinus1_2d3= 0xf3, //"-1 2/3"
ecMinus2 = 0xf0, //"-2"
CanonEOS(uint8_t addr, uint8_t epin, uint8_t epout, uint8_t epint, uint8_t nconf, PTPStateHandlers *s);
uint16_t SetPCConnectMode(uint8_t mode);
uint16_t SetExtendedEventInfo(uint8_t mode);
uint16_t Capture();
uint16_t StartBulb();
uint16_t StopBulb();
uint16_t SwitchLiveView(bool on);
uint16_t MoveFocus(uint16_t step);
uint16_t SetProperty(uint16_t prop, uint32_t val);
uint16_t GetProperty(uint16_t prop, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetDeviceInfoEx(PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t SetImageQuality(uint32_t format);
uint16_t GetObject(uint32_t object_id, uint32_t parent_id, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t ResetTransfer(uint32_t object_id);
uint16_t CancelTransfer(uint32_t object_id);
virtual uint16_t EventCheck(PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t DigitalZoom(uint16_t magnify);
#endif // __CANONEOS_H__