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/* Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Circuits At Home, LTD. All rights reserved.
This software may be distributed and modified under the terms of the GNU
General Public License version 2 (GPL2) as published by the Free Software
Foundation and appearing in the file GPL2.TXT included in the packaging of
this file. Please note that GPL2 Section 2[b] requires that all works based
on this software must also be made publicly available under the terms of
the GPL2 ("Copyleft").
Contact information
Circuits At Home, LTD
Web :
e-mail :
#ifndef __PTP_H__
#define __PTP_H__
#define PTPDEBUG
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include <Max3421e.h>
#include <Usb.h>
#include "ptpconst.h"
#include "ptpmsgstr.h"
#include "ptpcallback.h"
#include "ptpdebug.h"
// Buffer size should NEVER be less than USB packet size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
typedef void (*PTPMAIN)();
// States
#define FAILED(rc)(rc != PTP_RC_OK)
class PTP;
class PTPStateHandlers
virtual void OnDeviceDisconnectedState(PTP *ptp);
virtual void OnSessionNotOpenedState(PTP *ptp);
virtual void OnSessionOpenedState(PTP *ptp);
virtual void OnDeviceInitializedState(PTP *ptp);
virtual void OnDeviceNotRespondingState(PTP *ptp);
virtual void OnDeviceBusyState(PTP *ptp);
class PTP
uint8_t theState;
uint8_t busyTime;
uint8_t hangTime;
void SetInitialState();
void Task2();
uint8_t devAddress; // Device address
uint8_t epDataIn; // DataIN endpoint number
uint8_t epDataOut; // DataOUT endpoint number
uint8_t epInterrupt; // Interrupt endpoint number
uint8_t numConf; // Number of the configuration
MAX3421E Max;
USB Usb;
uint16_t idTransaction; // Transaction ID
uint16_t idSession; // Session ID
PTPStateHandlers *stateMachine;
EP_RECORD epRecord[ 4 ];
struct OperFlags
uint16_t opParams : 3; // 7 - maximum number of operation parameters
uint16_t rsParams : 3; // 7 - maximum number of response parameters
uint16_t txOperation : 1; // I->R operation if the flag is set
uint16_t dataStage : 1; // operation has data stage if the flag is set
uint16_t typeOfVoid : 2; // 0 - NULL, 1 - PTPReadParser/PTPDataSupplyer, 2 - WRITEPARSER, 3 - buffer pointer
uint16_t dataSize : 6; // size of data buffer (64 bytes maximum)
typedef void (*READPARSER)(const uint16_t len, const uint8_t *pbuf, const uint32_t &offset);
void ZerroMemory(uint8_t size, uint8_t *mem) { for (uint8_t i=0; i<size; i++) mem[i] = 0; };
// waits for any event to occure
// returns event on success or error code if timeout elapsed
bool EventWait(uint8_t size, uint8_t *event_buf, uint16_t timeout);
// returns true if event occured
// the actual data is stored in a buffer pointed by buf
bool CheckEvent(uint8_t size, uint8_t *buf);
uint16_t Transaction(uint16_t opcode, OperFlags *flags, uint32_t *params, void *pVoid);
void HaltOnError(const char* msg, uint16_t rcode) { Message(msg, rcode); while(1); };
PTP(uint8_t addr, uint8_t epin, uint8_t epout, uint8_t epint, uint8_t nconf, PTPStateHandlers *s);
MAX3421E* GetMax() { return &Max; };
USB* GetUsb() { return &Usb; };
void SetState(uint8_t state) { theState = state; };
uint8_t GetState() { return theState; };
virtual uint16_t EventCheck(PTPReadParser *parser);
void Setup() { Max.powerOn(); };
void Task();
// Simple PTP operation which has no data stage. Any number of uint32_t params can be supplied.
uint16_t Operation(uint16_t opcode, uint8_t nparams = 0, uint32_t *params = NULL);
uint16_t CaptureImage();
uint16_t OpenSession();
uint16_t CloseSession();
uint16_t ResetDevice();
uint16_t PowerDown();
uint16_t SelfTest(uint16_t type);
uint16_t GetDeviceInfo(PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetDevicePropDesc(const uint16_t pcode, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint8_t &val);
uint16_t GetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint16_t &val);
uint16_t GetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint32_t &val);
uint16_t SetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint8_t val);
uint16_t SetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint16_t val);
uint16_t SetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode, uint32_t val);
uint16_t ResetDevicePropValue(const uint16_t pcode);
uint16_t GetStorageIDs(PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetStorageIDs(uint8_t bufsize, uint8_t *pbuf);
uint16_t GetStorageInfo(uint32_t storage_id, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetObjectHandles(uint32_t storage_id, uint16_t format, uint16_t assoc, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetObjectInfo(uint32_t handle, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t FormatStore(uint32_t storage_id, uint32_t fsformat);
uint16_t GetObject(uint32_t handle, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetThumb(uint32_t handle, PTPReadParser *parser);
uint16_t GetNumObjects(uint32_t &retval, uint32_t storage_id = 0xffffffff, uint16_t format = 0, uint32_t assoc = 0);
uint16_t DeleteObject(uint32_t handle, uint16_t format = 0);
uint16_t SetObjectProtection(uint32_t handle, uint16_t attrib);
uint16_t MoveObject(uint32_t handle, uint32_t storage_id, uint32_t parent);
uint16_t CopyObject(uint32_t handle, uint32_t storage_id, uint32_t parent, uint32_t &new_handle);
uint16_t InitiateOpenCapture(uint32_t storage_id = 0, uint16_t format = 0);
uint16_t TerminateOpenCapture(uint32_t trans_id);
uint16_t InitiateCapture(uint32_t storage_id = 0, uint16_t format = 0);
// To be implemented in future releases
//uint16_t GetPartialObject(uint32_t handle, PTPReadParser *parser);
//uint16_t SendObjectInfo(uint32_t handle, PTPDataSupplier *sup);
//uint16_t SendObject(uint32_t handle, PTPDataSupplier *sup);
uint8_t GetConfDescr( byte addr, byte conf );
#if defined( PTPDEBUG )
#define PTPTRACE(s)(Notify(PSTR((s))))
#define PTPTRACE2(s,r)(Message(PSTR((s)),(r)));
#define PTPTRACE(s)((void)0)
#define PTPTRACE2(s,r)(delay(1)) // necessary for some PowerShot cameras to work properly
#endif // __PTP_H__