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/* Copyright (C) 2012 Kristian Lauszus, TKJ Electronics. All rights reserved.
This software may be distributed and modified under the terms of the GNU
General Public License version 2 (GPL2) as published by the Free Software
Foundation and appearing in the file GPL2.TXT included in the packaging of
this file. Please note that GPL2 Section 2[b] requires that all works based
on this software must also be made publicly available under the terms of
the GPL2 ("Copyleft").
Contact information
Kristian Lauszus, TKJ Electronics
Web :
e-mail :
#ifndef _ps3bt_h_
#define _ps3bt_h_
#include "BTD.h"
#include "PS3Enums.h"
#define HID_BUFFERSIZE 50 // size of the buffer for the Playstation Motion Controller
#define OUTPUT_REPORT_BUFFER_SIZE 48 //Size of the output report buffer for the controllers
/* Bluetooth L2CAP states for L2CAP_task() */
#define L2CAP_WAIT 0
#define L2CAP_HID_PS3_LED 7
#define L2CAP_DONE 8
/* L2CAP event flags */
/*Macros for L2CAP event flag tests */
#define l2cap_connection_request_control_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONNECTION_CONTROL_REQUEST)
#define l2cap_config_request_control_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONFIG_CONTROL_REQUEST)
#define l2cap_config_success_control_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONFIG_CONTROL_SUCCESS)
#define l2cap_connection_request_interrupt_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONNECTION_INTERRUPT_REQUEST)
#define l2cap_config_request_interrupt_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONFIG_INTERRUPT_REQUEST)
#define l2cap_config_success_interrupt_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_CONFIG_INTERRUPT_SUCCESS)
#define l2cap_disconnect_response_control_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_DISCONNECT_CONTROL_RESPONSE)
#define l2cap_disconnect_response_interrupt_flag (l2cap_event_flag & L2CAP_FLAG_DISCONNECT_INTERRUPT_RESPONSE)
* This BluetoothService class implements support for all the official PS3 Controllers:
* Dualshock 3, Navigation or a Motion controller via Bluetooth.
* Information about the protocol can be found at the wiki:
class PS3BT : public BluetoothService {
* Constructor for the PS3BT class.
* @param pBtd Pointer to BTD class instance.
* @param btadr5,btadr4,btadr3,btadr2,btadr1,btadr0
* Pass your dongles Bluetooth address into the constructor,
* This will set BTD#my_bdaddr, so you don't have to plug in the dongle before pairing with your controller.
PS3BT(BTD *pBtd, uint8_t btadr5=0, uint8_t btadr4=0, uint8_t btadr3=0, uint8_t btadr2=0, uint8_t btadr1=0, uint8_t btadr0=0);
/** @name BluetoothService implementation */
* Used to pass acldata to the services.
* @param ACLData Incoming acldata.
virtual void ACLData(uint8_t* ACLData);
/** Used to run part of the state maschine. */
virtual void Run();
/** Use this to reset the service. */
virtual void Reset();
/** Used this to disconnect any of the controllers. */
virtual void disconnect();
/** @name PS3 Controller functions */
* getButtonPress(Button b) will return true as long as the button is held down.
* While getButtonClick(Button b) will only return it once.
* So you instance if you need to increase a variable once you would use getButtonClick(Button b),
* but if you need to drive a robot forward you would use getButtonPress(Button b).
bool getButtonPress(Button b);
bool getButtonClick(Button b);
/** @name PS3 Controller functions */
* Used to get the analog value from button presses.
* @param a The ::Button to read.
* The supported buttons are:
* ::UP, ::RIGHT, ::DOWN, ::LEFT, ::L1, ::L2, ::R1, ::R2,
* @return Analog value in the range of 0-255.
uint8_t getAnalogButton(Button a);
* Used to read the analog joystick.
* @param a ::LeftHatX, ::LeftHatY, ::RightHatX, and ::RightHatY.
* @return Return the analog value in the range of 0-255.
uint8_t getAnalogHat(AnalogHat a);
* Used to read the sensors inside the Dualshock 3 and Move controller.
* @param a
* The Dualshock 3 has a 3-axis accelerometer and a 1-axis gyro inside.
* The Move controller has a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyro, a 3-axis magnetometer
* and a temperature sensor inside.
* @return Return the raw sensor value.
int16_t getSensor(Sensor a);
* Use this to get ::Pitch and ::Roll calculated using the accelerometer.
* @param a Either ::Pitch or ::Roll.
* @return Return the angle in the range of 0-360.
double getAngle(Angle a);
* Read the sensors inside the Move controller.
* @param a ::aXmove, ::aYmove, ::aZmove, ::gXmove, ::gYmove, ::gZmove, ::mXmove, ::mYmove, and ::mXmove.
* @return The value in SI units.
double get9DOFValues(Sensor a);
* Get the ::Status from the controller.
* @param c The ::Status you want to read.
* @return True if correct and false if not.
bool getStatus(Status c);
* Read all the available ::Status from the controller.
* @return One large string with all the information.
String getStatusString();
* Read the temperature from the Move controller.
* @return The temperature in degrees celsius.
String getTemperature();
/** Used to set all LEDs and ::Rumble off. */
void setAllOff();
/** Turn off ::Rumble. */
void setRumbleOff();
* Turn on ::Rumble.
* @param mode Either ::RumbleHigh or ::RumbleLow.
void setRumbleOn(Rumble mode);
* Turn the specific ::LED off.
* @param a The ::LED to turn off.
void setLedOff(LED a);
* Turn the specific ::LED on.
* @param a The ::LED to turn on.
void setLedOn(LED a);
* Toggle the specific ::LED.
* @param a The ::LED to toggle.
void setLedToggle(LED a);
* Use this to set the Color using RGB values.
* @param r,g,b RGB value.
void moveSetBulb(uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b);
* Use this to set the color using the predefined colors in ::Colors.
* @param color The desired color.
void moveSetBulb(Colors color);
* Set the rumble value inside the Move controller.
* @param rumble The desired value in the range from 64-255.
void moveSetRumble(uint8_t rumble);
/** Variable used to indicate if the normal playstation controller is successfully connected. */
bool PS3Connected;
/** Variable used to indicate if the move controller is successfully connected. */
bool PS3MoveConnected;
/** Variable used to indicate if the navigation controller is successfully connected. */
bool PS3NavigationConnected;
/* mandatory members */
BTD *pBtd;
void L2CAP_task(); // L2CAP state machine
/* Variables filled from HCI event management */
int16_t hci_handle;
uint8_t remote_name[30]; // First 30 chars of remote name
bool activeConnection; // Used to indicate if it's already has established a connection
/* variables used by high level L2CAP task */
uint8_t l2cap_state;
uint16_t l2cap_event_flag; // L2CAP flags of received bluetooth events
unsigned long timer;
uint32_t ButtonState;
uint32_t OldButtonState;
uint32_t ButtonClickState;
uint32_t timerHID; // Timer used see if there has to be a delay before a new HID command
uint32_t timerBulbRumble;// used to continuously set PS3 Move controller Bulb and rumble values
uint8_t l2capinbuf[BULK_MAXPKTSIZE]; // General purpose buffer for L2CAP in data
uint8_t HIDBuffer[HID_BUFFERSIZE]; // Used to store HID commands
uint8_t HIDMoveBuffer[HID_BUFFERSIZE]; // Used to store HID commands for the Move controller
/* L2CAP Channels */
uint8_t control_scid[2]; // L2CAP source CID for HID_Control
uint8_t control_dcid[2]; // 0x0040
uint8_t interrupt_scid[2]; // L2CAP source CID for HID_Interrupt
uint8_t interrupt_dcid[2]; // 0x0041
uint8_t identifier; // Identifier for connection
/* HID Commands */
void HID_Command(uint8_t* data, uint8_t nbytes);
void HIDMove_Command(uint8_t* data, uint8_t nbytes);
void enable_sixaxis(); // Command used to enable the Dualshock 3 and Navigation controller to send data via Bluetooth
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