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The Felix Programming Language
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buildsystem fix
demos Add gui tests
docs Implement left margin menu for fdocs.
extras Get order of arguments right in _interface.
fbuild Fix Fbuild return codes
licences Remove more stuff.. and note, sqlite test fails now ;(
lpsrc move demux config out of lpsrc
misc Ooops!
speed More packaging.
src fix
.gitignore adding generated sources to .gitignore
.gitmodules Remove fbuild submodule.
.travis.yml try to get notifications going
GNUmakefile I really need to test stuff before I commit it...
INSTALL INSTALL - Added BSD specific install instructions
LICENCE Fix makefile bug that commented out flxg target.
Makefile Fixes... windows packages
README AGAIN, fix stuff, now compiler breaks.
appveyor.yml try to get notifications going
build.fpc Rework flx.
configure put sqlite3.c back in repo, wasnt causing issue
configure_fbuild.cmd Just extern, not extern C on static_create_thread_frame and friend
cygwinsetup.bat Add Windows 10 setup for Turkey. Fiddle with Windows.
flxsetup.bat Replace "skaller" with %USERNAME%
hello.flx Add autobuilding for C++.
mkhello.bat Update link instructions.
popp.bat Push and pop PATH.
pushp.bat Push and pop PATH.
setupdebug.bat Add personal debugger setup.
startmenusetup.bat Add a setup batch file I can run from Startup Menu.
vcvarsall.bat Add Windows 10 setup for Turkey.
vssetup.bat Add a setup batch file I can run from Startup Menu.
wbuild.fpc Fixes...
win32.fpc Replace "skaller" with %USERNAME%
win32flx.bat Replace "skaller" with %USERNAME%
win32prep.bat Replace "skaller" with %USERNAME%
win32rtl.bat Grr.
win32toolchain.bat Replace "skaller" with %USERNAME%
winenv.cmd Fix error message when FLEXDLL is not found.
winsetup.bat Fiddle with Windows.


Felix is an advanced high performance statically typed scripting language.
It is as easy to run a program as Python:

flx filename

"just works". But underneath it generates highly optimised machine
binaries which outperform all interpreters, bytecode compilers,
virtual machines, and most compiled languages including C.
Felix is an aggressive inliner which performs whole program


* generates highly optimised ISO C++
* advanced resource manager organises compilation and linkage
* often runs faster than C
* glueless binding to C and C++ libraries
* lightweight threads with channels
* asynchronous network I/O
* thread safe garbage collection
* strictly statically typed
* overloading
* first order parametric polymorphism
* polymorphism with constraints
* multitype Haskell style type classes
* type classes with real semantic specification
* semantics can be checked by theorem provers
* strong functional subsystem
* pattern matching
* first class function, sum, and product types
* Tre based regexp processing built in
* bindings to Gnu GMP and Gnu GSL included
* user definabled and inline extensible grammar
* builds on all platforms
* runs on all platforms
* open source FFAU (free for any use) licence

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