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- The various let forms now create new frames. This fixes
behavior for situations where the initializers for the bound
variables return multiple times due to captured continuations.
- Change define-syntax to return the unspecified value.
- Fix (lambda <var> ...) forms where <var> is env-tagged by
macro expansion.
- Try to find a smaller invariant precision when converting from
floating point values to strings.
- Add missing function vector-fill!.
- Add an unspecified value that isn't printed by the repl.
- Add a value and functor that can be used to safely wrap arbitrary
OCaml values in Scheme values.
- Fix internal definitions inside (begin ...) forms.
- Consider literals in the literal list of syntax-rules locally
bound while parsing (but not while matching) patterns. R5RS is not
clear on this, but it is necessary to avoid breaking hygiene when
some expansions of an outer macro could change the interpretation of
pattern variables to literals within the patterns of inner macros.
This seems consistent with the behavior of other implementations.
- Fix namespace lookup for syntax-rules literals to allow changes
in global bindings.
- Fix namespace handling for nested macros.
- Fix copy-paste error in log.
- Fix the behavior of eval and arguments.
- Fix inexact->exact for negative numbers that don't fit into an
- The reader now also accepts square brackets [ and ] as list
- Fix remainder to handle differing signs correctly.
- Fix sorting of byte code objects in Makefile.
- Add missing functions numerator and denominator.
- Keep rationals normalized.
1.0 (changes from pre-releases)
- Rearrange build to generate bytecode and native libraries and a
native interpreter usable from the command line.
- Remove CVS Id's (the project is now being stored in a GNU Arch
repository) from all files.
- Fix Ocs_port.string_input_port to actually initialize the
port with the string length.
- Fix internal definitions of the form (define (fun args ...) ...).
Previously the first item of the body would be skipped.
- Fix the order of arguments to atan when called with two arguments.
- When invoking continuations with multiple arguments, the
arguments are now wrapped with Svalues as if (values ...) were used.