Edit commit messages, authors and timestamps during git-rebase
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git-fiddle is a wrapper around git-rebase(1) that allows editing of commit information straight from the git-rebase editor, such as the author date, author name and commit message. This makes it trivial to edit a whole range of commits, shift them through time or alter ownership.


Simply ensure git-fiddle is in your $PATH. The git fiddle alias will become available automatically.


Usage is almost identical to that of git-rebase.

$ git fiddle -h
git-fiddle - edit commit meta information during an *interactive* rebase.

`git-fiddle(1)' is a lightweight wrapper around `git-rebase(1)' that
annotates each commit with its *author* date, the author name, as well
as the commit message. Changes to any of these will then be applied
using an 'exec' script during the git-rebase sequence.

  git fiddle [options] [args...]

      Turn ON/OFF fiddeling. Useful to turn off all options and selectively
      enable some.
      Do (not) edit author names. Note that the author *can* still be edited,
      but it is not pre-populated. [git config: fiddle.author]
      Do not pre-populate the author's email. Refer to --[no-]fiddle-author.
      [git config: fiddle.author.email]
      Do (not) edit author dates. Note that the author date *can* still be
      edited, but it is not pre-populated. [git config: fiddle.author.date]
      Do (not) commit subject lines. Note that the commit message *can* still
      be edited, but it is not pre-populated. [git config: fiddle.subject]
      Do (not) the commit body. Note that the commit message *CANNOT* be edit
      if this option is turned OFF and might case `git-rebase` errors.
      [git config: fiddle.body]
  [args...] These arguments are passed verbatim to git-rebase.


git-fiddle is released under the MIT LICENSE. See file LICENSE for a more detailed description of its terms.