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Phi is a minimal code editor designed to look pretty, run fast, and be easy to configure and use. It's primary function is for editing code.

The editor is still a work in progress. There is a chance it will eat up your battery, run quite slowly, and probably crash frequently.

**Do not edit your precious files with this editor!**

Here's a screenshot of Phi in action:


The editor must:

  • run fast;
  • load and edit large files with ease;
  • look pretty; and finally
  • be easy to use


The editor probably wont:

  • have any plugin support;
  • be very customizable in terms of layout;
  • support many non utf8 encodings;
  • support non true-type-fonts;
  • support right-to-left languages;

Avoiding most of these is to avoid complexity in the code-base and general architecture of the editor and is beyond the scope of this project currently.


The editor does not exist as a serious replacement to Sublime Text/VSCode/Emacs/[editor name here].

Though one of my big goals for the project is to possibly replace sublime text for my own personal use. Thus the editor is somewhat optimized for my own work-flow.

The code is up purely for people to look at and maybe use or contribute or whatever. Sharing is caring!

reporting bugs/troubleshooting

Note the editor is still unstable. Please report any bugs you find so I can squash them! It is appreciated if you skim the issue (or search!) handler to make sure you aren't reporting duplicate bugs.

before filing an issue

Just to make sure it's an issue with the editor currently and not due to a broken change - please can you:

  • make sure the repository is up to date
  • make sure all the dependencies are updated, especially ""
  • try removing the ~/.phi-config folder manually and letting the editor re-load it


See the BUILDING file.


MIT License


phi: gpu accelerated code-editor; definitely not to be confused phonetically with vi.





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