Boilerplate for new libraries, WordPress plugins or themes.
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Boilerplate for new libraries, WordPress plugins or themes.


  • PHP >= 7.0

Note that this is the requirement for using this boilerplate, not the requirement for the generated packages. Those may require higher versions or also support lower versions, depending on your preferences.


Simply create a new project via Composer, using this repository as a foundation:

composer create-project felixarntz/boilerplate <package-folder>

You will be asked questions about the type of the project and several parameters. Provide responses and follow the instructions to get your project set up within a minute.

You will be asked for the following project properties:

  • Vendor name
  • Package name
  • Package description
  • Package keywords (comma-separated list)
  • Package VCS URL
  • Package URL
  • Author name
  • Author email
  • Author URL
  • Package type ("library" or "plugin")
  • Minimum PHP version (anything greater than or equal to 5.2)
  • Minimum WordPress version (anything greater than or equal to 3.7)
  • Code standard ("psr2" or "wordpress")
  • Setup code standards?
  • Setup quality assurance?
  • Setup unit tests?
  • Setup integration tests?
  • Integrate with CodeClimate?
  • Integrate with Travis-CI?
  • Prepare for Packagist?
  • Prepare for
  • contributors (comma-separated list)

Some of these questions will only be asked based on the responses you gave to prior questions. For example, WordPress-related details are only requested if you provided a package type of "plugin" or "theme".


  • Support for themes is partly available already, however it will only be added as a configuration option once it has been finalized.
  • Note that PHP 5.2 support at this time is limited. For example, the generated test PHP files require PHP 5.3. Support for PHP 5.2 may be added in the future - pull-requests welcome of course!


Major credit goes to @schlessera and his brightnucleus/boilerplate project, which this is a heavily modified version of.