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Sunrise.php and some mu-plugins to fix common issues on Multisite / Multinetwork
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Multisite Fixes

DISCLAIMER: This project is no longer maintained.

This repository contains a sunrise.php and some must-use plugins to address common issues when working with Multisite and Multinetwork.

Bundled functionalities

All parts of this repository can be used individually as needed. You don't have to use all of them.

  • sunrise.php: Detects www vs non-www and redirects if necessary
  • WPMS SSL Redirects Plugin: Allows to define which sites are HTTPS (through wp-config.php) and redirects if necessary
  • WPMN Global Admins Plugin: Uses constants in wp-config.php to specify users who are global admins (across all networks) vs regular network admins
  • WPMS Site URL Fixer Plugin: Fixes URLs in WordPress setups where WordPress Core is located in a subdirectory


  1. Copy all must-use plugin files you would like to use into your wp-content/mu-plugins directory.
  2. If you wanna use sunrise.php, copy it directly into your wp-content directory and then add define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); to your wp-config.php file.

Individual Plugins

  • For WPMS SSL Redirects, define a constant called SSL_SITES in your wp-config.php and fill it with a comma-separated list of domains that should use HTTPS; you may also add a constant SSL_NETWORKS in a similar manner to make entire networks use HTTPS or SSL_GLOBAL with boolean true to have all sites in all networks use HTTPS.
  • For WPMN Global Admins, define a constant called WP_GLOBAL_ADMINS in your wp-config.php and fill it with a comma-separated list of usernames that should be global administrators; you should then add further constants named like WPMN_NETWORK_{{NETWORK_ID}}_ADMINS in a similar manner to define the network admins for each network.
  • For WPMS Site URL Fixer, define a constant called WP_CORE_DIRECTORY an simply add the subdirectory name where WordPress Core resides (no trailing slashes!).

Be aware

Everything here should only be used for subdomain (or domain) setups. Do not use with subdirectory setups!

The code in this repository requires at least WordPress 4.6.